Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Allison's First Hair cut!!!

I have been thinking about getting her hair cut for some time but I finally got the courage to do it. Lauren has been asking to get hers cut for awhile now also. So we went! Allison in her true fashion was soooo excited to be going and getting her hair cut...till we got there! She didn't want to sit in the chair and didn't want to get it cut. She just kept saying NO NO NO! So the lady said well try holding her and see if that helps. Of course it did and she was fine. She watched a movie and didn't fuss again. But since I was holding her I didn't get to take any pictures of her getting it cut. The lady said she thinks her hair is going to be really thick. I told her I sure hope so because it doesnt seem like Lauren's is going to thicken up. They were both so adorable after they got done and got their glitter and smell good in their hair. They ran up and down the run way. By the time we were leaving Allison was telling everyone thank you and bye! This girl is going to be something else!!

Lauren looks so much older now!! She loves it though. My little girl is growing up!

In other things going on around here we are all ready for Christmas!! Lauren has been sick on and off but the doctor thinks it is just some random thing. Allison is really talking so much more now! She is also very opionated! She picked out 3 outfits the other day and didn't really want to put any of them on! I hope we both make it through these terrible twos!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Already saw Santa!

Yep! We have already went and saw Santa and it is not even Thanksgiving! I figured it was be a much shorter line and Jon wanted to go and was able to this past weekend so we went! Problem was on the bass pro website it said santa was there 7 days a week. NO WHERe did it say he wasnt going to get there until noon! We got there at 10:30! Jon is not used to being with the Girls that much and certainly not taking them in a store so he was kinda freaking out! So we did play for a little bit but then Jon wanted to go home until noon. We came back and just had a wait a little bit. Allison was NOT going to sit on his lap. I didn't expect her to but I wanted her in the pic so Jon held her. At first she wouldnt look at the camera and then he said I will get you a piece of candy and then she turned and smiled! Lauren told Santa what she wanted: Fiji friend and ice cream maker...only because she had just saw the commerical for the ice cream maker. Then yesterday she says she wants an American Girl doll and accessories and matching clothes and for me to email Santa if I can! Thank goodness this morning she said it was ok to wait till her birthday for those. It is so cute to see them all excited about it.

Allison is coming into her terrible twos something awful!! On Sunday while I was trying to get her dressed she would not listen to me and she put her hands over her ears and looked at me and just smiled! She is a mess!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Allison turns 2!!!

Allison turned 2 yesterday! We had a princess themed party since she loves anything and everything that is pretty and sparkly! I made the cake and some cookies. I had Jon hang some balloons for her to wake up to. She loveed them! We got her a bitty baby twin and I have been so excited to give it to her so I let her open it up shortly after we woke up. She loves her! I was a little afraid at first because she pulled her out and was all excited and then put her back in the bag!! But we also got her a stroller and that is a huge hit! She has carried her pretty much everywhere once she started playing with everything. She even took her outside and took her shoes off to bounce in the bouncy house. It was so cute! Now that Allison is playing with the doll and fixing its hair and changing it clothes now Lauren wants to do the same. She had a great birthday and great party! They have both been checking out all the new toys! Allison is very slow at opening up everything. Once she opens it she wants to play with it right then!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Girl's starring in their first music video!

This was just so cute! At the Children's Museum you pick a song and you can be in a music video! This song is Disco Fever or something like that.

Video from children's museum visit today

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cedar Hill Farms

We went down to Cedar Hills Farm yesterday. It was GREAT! The girls really enjoyed. We all looked at pumpkins and picked a few out. The girls played in hay and went through a hay maze. They had a petting zoo. The girls LOVED the chickens. It was so funny to watch them run around with them. We rode a little train and had a hayride. They also have this pirate ship to play on. We didn't do the corn maze since we already played at the hay maze. It was really nice and we were all wore out when we got home!

Bartlett Festival

We went to the Bartlett Festival the first wknd of the month and the Girls had so much fun. They were able to see some animals and pet them and feed them. Allison loved feeding them but Lauren was too scared to try. They had a few bouncy houses and Lauren got in one and Allison at first wouldnt get in it then she got in and wouldn't get out! She screamed when we decided it was time to move on! They had a few rides and Lauren rode a few and Jon thought it was ok for Allison to ride this one that is like the teacups that spin....well Lauren gets on one that has like an 8 year old boy on it and so he is spinning it like crazy and I am yelling at him to stop! Poor Allison was not so sure of it. Lauren actually had to hold her head to keep it from hitting the rails. I was so glad to get them off that! I can't believe Jon thought that was ok! Then they rode this little car one that went around and they both liked that one.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lauren is BatGirl!

batgirl copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

Lauren decided on BatGirl!!

Allison is Princess Ariel!!

092 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

Allison decided to be Princess Ariel for halloween!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Allison flying the paper airplane

Allison dancing on stage

Allison's backflip off the couch!

The other night after bath time Allison comes and gets on the couch.  The next thing I know she is flipping off it! ON Purpose!! She got up and said WEEEE!! And laughed and wanted to keep doing it!

Allison sliding at the park

A trip to the park the Blue Angels, and The children's museum

This past Friday Lauren was out of school so we went to the park and played all morning long. They had a great time!
On Saturday Nana, Pops, Colton, Kenton, the Girls and me went to the Blue Angels air show. It was great! Allison loved it!! She first saw the planes and starting saying something so fast. None of us understood her but it was so cute! The other kids didn't seem to pay much attention to it. They were more concered with playing in the dirt! I still think they enjoyed it.
Yesterday I took Allison to the children's museum. It was her first time going I think.  She had a blast! She loved playing in the water fishing! Then she danced on the stage! I couldn't get her out of the firetruck! She also loved playing in the play area. She of course didn't want to leave!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just getting into a routine...

We are still trying to get into a routine with Lauren going to school. She is doing great with learning to read! She brings home these little print out books and she can read them! She is learning so much so fast. She got in trouble one day for kicking a boy who she said kicked her first! We also found out yesterday that her and another little girl were somewhere they shouldnt have been and saw a poison sign but Lauren knew what it meant.  We still haven't gotten the entire story on that yet! She is really bad about not giving the whole story at one time.  She just gives bits and pieces. She also tells a whole lot more to someone else than me and Jon!

Allison is trying more to say words now that Lauren isnt here to answer for her all the time. She loves having the house to herself to play and not be bothered. Allison loves to her sparkly well anything! I really think she will be the more girly girl of them! We were looking at a costume magazine the other day and all she picked out were first the sparkly shoes and then the pretty dresses!

We went to the Delta Fair last weekend and Lauren enjoyed some of the rides. She tried to slide head first down a slide but the people stopped her before she did that. It is amazing how both Girls are not scared of anything! We celebrated Jon's birthday also.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lauren's first full week of Kindergarten

Lauren started her first full week of Kindergaren yesterday.  She did great! I did ok.  Just some tears and I was ok. Lauren almost walked across the street at pick up because she wasn't paying attention but I caught her before she did. She of course couldn't remember what they had did all day. But bits and pieces came out through out the night. I had the parent meeting last night and truly I still don't feel like I know what is going on. I feel like they are just wanting me to throw her into the school and run from her! Which today they said to only walk her down to the kindy hall.  I didn't like and Lauren was so unsure of where to go. I watched her all the way down and she only got a glimpse of me being upset. I just never thought I would have such a hard time with all of this!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lauren's first day of Kindergarten!!

Today was Lauren's first day of Kindergarten! This week they have staggered enrollment so it was just 4 kids today. I was able to stay with her for an hour and half. We got a tour of the school and some other info that I needed. I could tell Lauren was nervous but she did fine. I tried really hard not to cry until I got to the truck...I tried! I just felt like I was leaving her at the hospital.  I felt so much better when she got out of school and said she had fun and was ready to go again! She said her favorite part was eating lunch! Once I came home this morning Allison raised her hands at me as to ask where Lauren was. I told her she was at school she just looked at me and went on playing.  She was glad to see her when she got home though. It is going to be a major change for us. It is nice being able to just walk her to school and back home. I say that until it is freezing outside!! Later Lauren told Jon and me that she thinks she is going to like going to school!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At 21 months picking out her own clothes!

So Allison has decided that she does not like the sleeper pjs anymore.  Well now the last two nights she has cried and cried because she didnt want to wear the pjs I got out for her.  This morning when I told her let's go get dressed she went straight to the closet.  I asked her if she wanted to wear an outfit she said yes...well then she changed her mind! She screamed and would not let me put the clothes on her! So I said find let's pick out another outfit.  She reached for her purple dress and took her pjs off and was ready to put the dress on! Then she told me she wanted her necklace on! And a bow! Her and Lauren are such opposites! Lauren doesn't even want to look at clothes but Allison has to choose which one she likes best!! She is going to be the expensive child!!! :)

Family vacation to Nashville

This past weekend we had our first family RV trip to Nashville.  We went to Nashville Shores waterpark and it was great!! All the kids loved it! We stopped and ate in Nashville before going to the RV park and the place we went to was called Loveless cafe.  It has been there forever and famous people always come in there.  Well Chelsea Clinton was standing right next to us! My Mom recongized her.  I thought she looked familar but I was also wondering why anyone would want to wear the hat she was wearing! Anyway it was a good meal there and off the RV park we went.  The kids were ready to play right then! So we went to the waterpark which was just a walk.  It was so nice that evening.  Hardly any people were there so Lauren and Jon were able to do the big water slides several times.  Jon said Lauren kept saying "this is so cool" My Dad and Colton did a few of the bigger slides also.  My Mom, Allison, Kenton, and me stayed around the kiddie pool.  They both could stand up so they had such a good time.  The park was closing so we went back to the RV and cooked some hotdogs. By this time is was 8 or a little after! So Jon, Alliosn, and me went to the hotel to check in. I thought Allison would be so wore out she would just pass out.  NO such luck! She talked and moved around for about an hour then finally she went to sleep.  She kept hitting her head on the headboard and very early in the morning she rolled off the bed! She went right back to sleep though.  We had to wake her up to go back to the RV so we could go to the park again.  This time the park was packed! So much that Lauren didnt even want to wait in  line to slide.  There were plenty of other things to do though.  So we did all of those! Allison really liked the wave pool also.  I was afraid she would be scared of it.  I think she is ready to go the ocean now! We did the lazy river once but she didnt much care for that. There was a small slide in the kiddie pool and she did that I dont know how many times!! About 5 Allison got so sleepy but of course once my Mom got back to the RV she was wide awake.  We all decided we had had enough and called it a day also.  We were all wore out! We got to the hotel that night and Allison found the phone.  She kept picking it up and writing on the notepad just talking away! She went to sleep faster that night.  She only talked for about 30 mins.  She also slept backwards all night long but at least she didnt fall off the bed or hit her head on the headboard. We came back on Sunday.  It was a great trip! Allison really surprised me at how well she did.  Of course in the RV she could move around and that made a huge difference in the riding to and from.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lauren's 5 yr check up

I took Lauren for her 5 year check up last week.  She is 38lbs and 44" tall.  She was 25% in her weight and up in the 90's for her height. She is just perfect in every way! She did great with her shots.  Afterwards we went and found her a backpack for school.   It is hard to believe she will be starting school in less than a month! Time just went by so fast!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July Fireworks!!

We took the Girls to watch fireworks last night.  They loved it! It was a really good firework show! They had a good time just playing around in the park before hand. They had their light up necklaces on and were running around every where.  It was just a big party up there.  When the fireworks started Allison kept saying "WOW"!

Today we played on the slip n slide and the girls painted. Allison really loved doing that!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A trip to the toy store

I took the girls to Toys r us earlier this week so Lauren could use her birthday coupon and the rest of her money she had.  At first she was all about looking at things then her normal I hate shopping self came out! She started picking up things just to get and finally turned to me and said I am tired of shopping can we just go home!! Then she spotted the pillow pet blanket! She just had to have that! I was ok with that since I figure she will get more use out of the blanket than a toy.  Allison on the other hand was still going strong the entire time! She found a little shopping cart and had to push that all around the store. Then she spotted a purse and had to carry that. I was able to get her to stop paying attention to those things only for her to find this little elephant lovie.  She had to hug it a few times and wanted to carry it around but then some bubbles got her attention and she didn't want the lovie anymore.  Funny how my kids love their blankets!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Falling behind!

Things have been busy around here and I got an iphone so I have not thought to get on here and update things. 
We cooked steaks here on Father's day.  We also had the pool up so we swam for a little bit. We are still having issues with the pool but hopefully we will get it all worked out.  Allison when we first got little pool out she was unsure of it but now she loves it all! Many times the girls have went outside just to play after dinner and they got in for a swim.  The Girls and I went and got Jon's fathers day gift.  Lauren wanted him to have a superman shirt and we got him another shirt that says Dad Rocks.  She was so excited to give it to him!
Lauren went to the beach with Mimi and Pawpaw a few weeks ago.  she had such a good time! She is ready to go back to the beach already!
Today I took the Girls first to Kohls to get Allison some new shoes...this child would rather have new shoes than a toy! She has outgrown most of hers so she needed a new pair.  Then we went to chuck e cheese to play for a while. then we had lunch at mcdonalds.
We have just been enjoying summer around here and playing with friends as much as we can!! We even had Pj's birthday over here last weekend because their power had been out all day and it was so hot.  The Girls had so much playing!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Allison's favorite word

Preschool graduation and a safari!

Lauren's preschool graduation was last thrusday.  It was so cute! They sang some songs and got a little dipolma. They had a little reception for them afterwards and then we all came back to the house and had lunch and cake.  Lauren left for the wknd with Nana and Pops.  They fished and Lauren caught one! On sunday we all went to Tn safari park.  It was awesome! The kids loved it! It was amazing to see the animals that close up!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My favorite of Lauren from today.

048 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

She was such a model today! She was so proud of herself for coming up with this place for the pic!!

My favorite of Allison from today

055b, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recap of what has been going on here

Lauren had her end of year carnival at school yesterday.  The kids had so much fun! It was pretty warm outside so we cut the playing outside a little short and they played in the classroom. Lauren got her face painted! Still hard to believe she is done with preschool and ready to move on to kindergarten!

A few sunday mornings ago we got up and went to the park at shelby farms.  It wasnt so crowded so the girls were able to play for a few hours.  It was fun! Allison loved sliding down the big slides! Lauren found a friend of hers that is in her preschool class and they played together.

Lauren had a ballgame last night and we took her friend Gracin with us.  After the game we went and had pizza.  They had so much fun! They were able to make their own pizzas! It is so funny to listen to two 5yr olds talk about things!

Here is the link to lots of new pics.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slip n slide and Lauren's first t-ball game! And SHOES

This past Monday it was hot so I decided to get the slip n slide out.  We called some friends over to play and they had a great time! They didnt really get the whole you have to slide on your stomach but they were just enjoying playing in the water.

Lauren had her first t-ball game on saturday.  She loved it!! She did really great!! It was very choatic but we made it though it.  She was getting bored since the balls only seem to go to first base! Lauren didnt want to throw the ball once she got it a time or two.  I think all the people telling her what to do was confusing her. She is excited for her next game so I am happy about that!

Lauren has also been making up her own dances lately! I am going to take her to another dance recital so we can see how another dance place compares to the one we went to.

I took the Girls to payless on friday to see about getting some shoes for them.  Allison was so HAPPY! I swear the child just wants shoes! She could play in a shoe store all day long!!! BUT we didnt find any that fit either of them so Allison was making a huge mess and it was time to go.  That is when the screaming started!! I carried her out kicking and screaming! One of the workers came around to make sure I wasnt beating her I think! She cried almost the whole way home!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dance recital, birthday and zoo

Lauren had her dance recital this past wed. She did GREAT!!! She looked adorable up there on stage!! She really enjoyed it!

On her birthday yesterday we went to the zoo with her friend Brett and his Mom and little brother.  They all had a good time running around and seeing the animals. She had a great birthday!!

TONS of new pics

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rehearsal for Lauren dance recital

Lauren had her rehearsal last night.  I got there and it just hit me. First off I have a daughter who is old enough to be taking dance and going to be onstage! Second WOW she looks so great up there! I would love for her to keep taking dance but if she doesnt want to maybe Allison will want to.  I never thought I would be so emotional about it all.  So maybe I won't be at the recital since I got it all out last night! It is going to be crazy that night!

Lauren's 5th birthday party!!

This past saturday we had Lauren's 5th birthday party! For a year now she has wanted her party at Chuck E Cheese.  And since the last few years it has rained and been awful for a outside home party we said ok.  It was alot easier not having it at the house! they did everything and there were no kids to destroy my house! The weather was great also! All of the kids seemed to have alot of fun playing on all the games.  Then we all sat down and had pizza and chuck came out and crowned Lauren and they all sang happy birthday to her. She was able to get up and dance with chuck.  She loved it! She got a ton of tickets and gifts.  After her party we came back to the house and then to t-ball practice.  She really enjoys t-ball so far!! Then we came back home and had a party with all the family.  Lauren got a barbie jeep and was all over the yard with it.  She really needs to learn how to drive better though! If you see her coming you better get out of the way! She gots lots of good stuff for her birthday! We have spent the last two days inside due to rain and we have been playing with all her new toys.  I will post pics soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

On Friday I took the Girls to the new park at Shelby Farms but it was so crowded we stayed just long enough for Lauren to try out the rope thing and one of the big slides.  Then we went to our usual park and had it all to ourselves!
On Saturday Nana, Pops, Colton, Kenton, and the Girls were all at the house.  Jon and I left for a wedding.  They had their Easter fun together all day.  They were all wore out!
Yesterday Lauren got up first and saw that the Easter bunny had left jellybean poop all over the house.  She just loved it! Allison saw it and began picking it up eating them! The easter bunny had given them both two plates.  Lauren pulled hers out and said "huh I got plates, you got to be kidding me!" :) I am truly afraid of what the child will say at her birthday party opening presents!! Turns out she did like the plates though! We played all morning with the new things they got.  Had some yummy lunch and watched Tangled.  Then while Allison was asleep still we went outside and got the water balloons out and new water guns.  It only took a few minutes and Lauren was soaked! All the screaming woke up Allison so when I brought her outside she was still half asleep and didnt want to get wet.  She laid on me and rested some more then she got up and played a little in the water.  She wasnt so sure what to think about us spraying each other and the water balloons.
That evening Mimi and Pawpaw came over and had dinner with us and we played outside till almost dark.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playing dress up

Today the Girls decided they wanted to dress up.  Allison had to try on every dress up outfit Lauren has.  Of course she had to put shoes and jewerly with it also.  Lauren kept saying she is dressing up as a dog...I still cant figure out why.  Earlier tonight they put on the dress up shoes again and were walking around the house and tap dancing in the kitchen.  I love it when they play together good!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter egg hunt, coloring eggs, and strawberries! First t-ball practice

On Saturday my Mom came over and we took the Girls to an Easter egg hunt at a local church.  It was FREEZING cold! We only stayed 30 mins and that was just long enough for the Girls to get their eggs and walk back to the car.  That was how many people were there! It would have been so much fun if the weather would have been nice. Both Girls are sick so it wasnt the best idea of going but at least Allison loved having her first easter egg hunt! She just sat right down and starting putting eggs into her basket! I got some pics but not very good ones since it was so cold and the camera was taking too long to take the shots.  I didnt want to bring the big camera. It was a good thing because I was carrying Allison the entire time. Part of that was because she was keeping me warm! My Mom took Lauren to her age group to get eggs. 

Lauren had her first t-ball practice on saturday.  It was so windy and cold but we had 7 out of the 10 show.  Jon is helping coach the team and he was working but was able to come to the practice and help.  Lauren did really good! She really liked it she said! She caught a ball and was so excited! There are 4 girls on the team.

On Sunday the weather was great! So when Jon got home from work Lauren and him colored the eggs. Allison was sleeping and since she was sick and I wasnt going to let her dip an egg anyway it all worked out.  Lauren did so good this year coloring the eggs! We did lose two before they were colored but that is ok. 

Today I had to take Allison to the doctor. She has ear infection and lots of snot that is green on and off.  They gave some antibotics so I hope she feels better tomorrow. This afternoon Lauren and me went to pick strawberries! It was fun! The owners granddaughters were there so Lauren played with them as they picked the strawberries.  They sure taste great!! We got home and Lauren ate and ate the strawberries! Allison had several when she got up from her nap. 

Here is the pics.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Could we be any happier?

027 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

Ok so yes the sun was in their eyes but it just so happen they were both standing there beside each other and it was so pretty...

Allison cheesy face smile

045a, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

My favorite of Lauren!

053 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

I took the Girls out to the azeala garden this week and I think these and the last pics I did of them will work for Lauren's 5 year pics! Allison was not in a mood for pictures. It is tough to get a good pic when she wouldnt even let me put her down hardly! Both Girls have a cold so letting them play in a bunch of flowers may not have been the best idea!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Parent teacher confernce

I had Lauren's parent teacher conference today.  It went great! She said she is ready for kindergarten! But she would rather me just keep her with her! I told that is what I would prefer as well! She said Lauren's best quality is her confidence.  She said she has no problems telling you how she feels and what she likes or does not like.  Her teacher said that is a good thing and to keep up whatever we have been doing to let her have such confidence.  She also said Lauren is definitely more on the tomboy side than the girly girl! :) She said her writing and reading skills are right on track and to not push it. Just let Lauren decide when she wants to do it.  Her teacher also said her teachers will love Lauren because since she will tell them what she feels they know she is ok with things instead of wondering what the kid that won't speak is feeling.  I am glad she is ready for to get me ready for it!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lauren's salon

Allison so proud of herself and her necklaces!

Sunday Lauren decided to fix Allison's hair

Of course Lauren needed to get a picture of it too!

15/early 18 month check up for Allison

Click to Print This PageToday I took both Girls to the doctor.  Allison was late getting her 15 month check up so it was really more like an 18 month check up since she is 17 month now.  She is super healthy...maybe a touch of allergies.  She is 23lbs and 31"tall! She is on the upper scale of the growth carts even on her head size. 

Lauren passed her hearing test today!! We are going to keep up with the singular since she does still show signs of allergies.  She was 37lbs today.

So glad they are both super healthy and right now track!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tonight Allison said

Tonight Jon pulled up in the drive way and Allison heard his truck and she said "Daddy's home" as clear as day!! Everyday she says new words! Here is a list of some I can think of right now
I done
shakes her head yes and no when you ask her questions
Daddys truck
bye bye
night night
She saw the cat outside and said Garfield and then it sounded like she said what is he doing. It was all ran together but I swear that is what she said!

Friday, March 25, 2011

No more high chairs!

No more high chairs for us!! Allison for some time now has been climbing up in the chairs and wanting to sit in one instead of the high chair.  So I pulled down the booster seat and she loves it! It was sweet Lauren has switched her seat to be closer to Allison.  Allison reached over and tried to get Lauren's hand so they sat and ate while holding hands.  It was so sweet!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pretty flowers and Pretty Girls

094 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

Great Weekend!

We have had a great weekend! It was busy but so much fun! Friday I took the girls to the park for a bit and then we just played outside in the backyard the rest of the afternoon and evening. Lauren has finally figured out how to swing herself on the swing! She was on the swing for it had to have been an hour going so high! Friday night Jon was going to install another radio in my truck so the Girls wanted to get in the truck with him and they had so much fun just sitting in the front seat of the truck!  On Saturday we got up and we went and took some pictures.  It was chilly but it warmed up by the afternoon.  We cooked hot dogs and marshmellow that night and enjoy the weather.  Then today we got up and decided to go play putt putt.  It was the girls first time.  Lauren liked it but she got bored kinda fast.  She plays alot like me in the sense when she doesnt get the ball to go where she wants it she moves it herself and makes up her own score! :) Allison liked it at first but she got hot and hungry towards the end.  She liked throwing the ball and dropping in it the hole.  We can back and ate lunch and then walked to the school and Lauren flew her kite.  Then after Allison woke up from her nap we all went for some ice cream.  All the pics to it all will be on this site.

Playdate on St. Patty's Day

This past thrusday we went to the park and met Lauren's best friend Brett and his Mom and his little brother.  They all had a great time! They were so excited to see each other outside of school.  They didnt want to leave! Allison enjoyed playing and watching everyone. 

Once again I can not upload pics to the site here.  I am not sure how to fix this problem! Here is a link to the pics from the park.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lauren bowling video

First time bowling!

The first few pics are of Allison this past weekend.  Lauren was at Nana's and Pops.  It was nice outside so we played in the backyard.
With all the sliding she was doing she needed some water.
And decided to hang on to it!
This was taken a week or so ago.  She was loving on her baby and feeding it!
Today the Mom's group I am in decided to go bowling.  Since Lauren is out on spring break it worked out.  Allison did push one ball down..kinda but she is just too young for it.  She did enjoy watching everyone else and cheering Lauren on!. Lauren loved it! She would even move over the metal thing to line her ball up better!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I can't hear you...

that is what Lauren has been saying to us alot this past week.  We blew it off at first and then got worried but then thought no she is faking it.  I even talked to her teacher and she said no she didnt do it once in class.  Lauren has had this cough and running nose for over a month now.  I figured it was the start of allergies.  I went ahead and took her in Friday to see what the doctor said.  On the way there Lauren tells me well sometimes I just dont want to hear you! So I thought it was going to be a waste of co-pay and time.  The nurse took a look in her ears and said no infection or at least not a very bad one then he did the hearing test and she failed on both ears! I was shocked and felt so awful.  The doctor came in and said there was fluid on her ear but not infected but it will still cause her to not hear good.  She also thinks that the allergies caused a sinus infection.  So she is taking Singular now and antibotics for two wks.  Then I will take her back and see if she passes the hearing test.  So hopefully once the Singular starts to work the cough and running nose will go away also. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday funday

Saturday night Lauren was playing with her wallet and was excited she had money so I told her she could go buy something with it.  She had the day all planned out when she got up.  Go ride the carsouel 7 times, go to chuck e cheese, and go to build a bear.  I was hoping to do it all but then Jon got called into work.  So plans changed.  I took the girls to toys r us to look around and see if they wanted anything.  They only wanted the tinkerbell rocking chairs!! I took a pic with my phone and it was just too cute! Then we went and rode the carsousel once! Allison didnt want to get off of it! We ate lunch at the mall and by this time I was wore out! But Lauren wanted to go to build a bear so we did and they each got a small fry animal.  We left and Allison cried most of the way home because I wasnt paying attention to time and it was a little past her nap time.  The Girl LOVES her schedule and does not do well when it is messed up.  So we get home and she just cries and cries because she is overtired and wont fall asleep.  Finally at 3:30 she falls asleep only for me to wake her up at 5.  I wont do it again that is for sure! Keep on the schedule!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New words!

Everyday Allison is saying more words.  Today it was "Daddys truck" as she saw Jon drive off this morning.  "My cereal" as I gave her bowl to her.  A few other favorites right now are "bye"  "mess" and "night night".

It is so sweet at bed time now I will tell her it is time for bed and ask her if she wants to give night kisses and she will go over to Lauren and get a kiss..not a hug still not a fan of hugs from Lauren! And then to Jon and get a kiss and run to her room for me to cuddle with her for a second and go to bed! For a few weeks now she has finally been hugging back.  It just melts my heart when she does it too. 

When Allison takes a nap now Lauren and I have some teach time.  I found this website called reading kingdom and it is to help teach them to read.  She is doing really well with it.  I found a few other sites today and she played some learning games on it.  We also did some writing...but she of course would rather be on the computer.  Speaking of computer Allison is bad about getting my laptop and sitting it on her lap and opening it and going to town! Even when I think she cant get it...she gets it!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two pics from last week.

These I took with my phone.  This one was the first time Allison rode in the car seat facing forward.  She was so excited.  She giggled the whole way!

This was from this past Thrusday.  When we picked Lauren up from school she had gotten the bear from the Navy visting them.  As soon as Allison saw the bear she wanted it.  So Lauren didnt mind her having it then...but the longer she had it she didnt like it! But I talked to her about it and she is sort of ok with it now.  Allison LOVEs this bear and will not give it back. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Popcorn and play doh

Sunday night I think it was Lauren asked for some popcorn so Jon popped some.  Well of course Allison wanted some.  So they both climbed up in the chair and had their bowl of popcorn and ate and watched some tv!!

Monday the Girls wanted to go outside so we decided to get the play doh out since it is NOT allowed in my house anymore! This was Allison's first time playing with it and she liked it ok.  She had more fun playing with the containers.  It was so chilly we had to move it into the play house.  Lauren played with it all morning long!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's day

I am finally getting around to posting about Valentines day.  I think I have solved the issue with being able to post pics on here.  Look at Alli's pig slippers!

Her face when she saw her Valentine's.

I got them toys that they both would like and would play with and they have really enjoyed them. 

Daddy brought home balloons and they were a hit!

Lauren found a ladybug earlier that day.

Allison showing off her new slide skills! 

My sweet babies!! That night we cooked steaks and roasted some marshmellows by the fire.  That is becoming a normal thing around here.  The girls love to be outside at night!!