Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow no ICE day!

We had a ice day today! Jon was even off work!
Look at how big Alli is! She won't fit in the swing much longer! It is kinda hard to tell by the pic but her feet are hitting the bottom of the swing. The rest of the swing in a lip of sorts.

Look at all the snow...well no it is more ice than snow!

After playing outside for an hour Lauren got Jon to paint her toenails since I was holding Allison! He did a good job! Only a real man would do that for his daughter!! He is just awesome!

Jon and Lauren playing outside!!

She can barley walk in the snowsuit! It was cute watching her do it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


our car trouble is not magically over yet. This morning Jon took Lauren to school and Allison and I picked her up. Alli screamed a good part of the way home. It was enough for Lauren to cover her ears!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a few pics from today

I am trying to take a pic with Minnie and Allison every month. Allison is like oh look someone my size!! She was really studying her!

Here she is in the carrier!!

Growing so fast!

I got Allison a 6 month sleeper but I wasnt expecting her to be able to wear it until end of feb or so. Well it fits!! I mean fits good not big at all! I can't believe it! She is just growing so fast!! She wore a 6-9 month sleeper last night but it was one from when Lauren was a baby so I figured they might have just made clothes a bit smaller back then or something. That one fit actually that one was a bit small on her last night but even the new one fits!!

Today was so nice outside so we all went outside to play. I put Allison in the carrier and she liked it! She didnt want me to stop walking but that was ok. Makes for a good workout!!

Tonight eating dinner Lauren and me were going around the room finding shapes. Lauren asked me what shape is a spoon. I said well it is just a spoon not a shape. She looked at it and said yes it is! Look it is a line and then an oval!!!!! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I think we figured it out!

We switched Allison's carseat to the convertible one and she did not cry once on the way to taking Lauren to school today!! She fussed a little on the way home but nothing like she has been doing. I even took her to Target with me and she did GREAT!!! I bought a Bjorn carrier and so far Allison loves it also!!!

When I picked Lauren up from school I asked her if she wanted to go get a happy meal and she said no, but Mom do they make sad meals too!! She is just so cute!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alli giggled!

I got Allison to giggle this afternoon. It was so cute!! Such a sweet sound to hear!

Jon took out Allison infant carseat and put switched over the convertible one for her. I got Lauren a new seat and he got that put in also. I sure hope Allison likes this seat and doesnt scream in the car anymore. I need to get something to put on the seat of the car for Allison to look at since there is no bar to hang things on this one. Maybe I can even take Allison to the store with me to get it!!!

Outside and exersaucer

I got down the exersaucer for Allison to see if she was ready for it. She sits up so good and enjoyed it for a bit. Lauren enjoyed it more than Allison did!! lol!

It was fairly nice outside so Lauren and I went outside to play for a bit and she wanted to play superhero!!

Later when Lauren, Allison and I were at the table eating Lauren says "Mom do you like Allison better" It just broke my heart. I told her no and tried to explain it to her that Allison just needs me more right now. So needless to say I am going to try to spend some special time with her.

Friday, January 22, 2010

3 months old and a TOOTH!

Allison is 3 months old today!! And she cut her first tooth!!!! I can't believe it! I thought surely not but sure enough I felt it and it is a tooth! Bless her heart that is why she has been so fussy all week! I feel so bad that I didnt give her any tylenol or teething tablets. I just thought it was her stomach. She is rolling over and Jon and I think she giggled or at least she is working on it! It is so funny to hear her do it. Of course there hasnt been much of that or smiling this week since she has been hurting. She is just growing way too fast!!!

Since she HATES the carseat my Mom came over yesterday and took Lauren to school so I didnt have to get Allison out. I got Lauren her big girl carseat that will last until she is out of a carseat so I am hoping that Lauren's old one will work for Allison now. It just depends on if Alli is tall enough yet.

Lauren spelled her name this morning without looking at her name!! I am so proud of her!

I wanted to get lots of pics today but it hasnt worked out that way. Allison only tolerated it for a few pics. I will post soon!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I give up!

I give up trying to take Allison somewhere. It is just getting worse! This morning on the way to take Lauren to preschool, Allison screamed the whole way there. Once we got there I went to get her out and she was screaming so bad she was shaking! So I had to carry her inside and of course she stopped crying then. But when I got back to the truck she started crying when I just opened the door to the truck! I spent all morning trying to calm her down and get her to sleep. Just the time I got her to sleep it was time for me to go get Lauren again. YES it took that long! Thankgoodness Jon was able to come back to the house and stay with Allison. Then as soon as Lauren walked in the door Alli woke up! So here is 3:00 and finally Allison is sleeping again and I hope it stays that way for at least an hour!! She hates to go anywhere or hates to be in the carseat. Either way it is horrible for all of us involved! There just isnt too much this child likes! She will be smiling and happy and you think of this is great and then all of sudden the screaming starts!!!!! All the screaming makes for one tired Mommy! Not to mention she has changed her sleeping patter at night to 4 to 5 hrs. I think she is full blown teething with all the drool and refusing to take the bottle/chewing on the nipple. Teething and potty training are really two stages I wish I could just skip! Neither are fun! Thankgoodness they dont happen at the same time!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Lauren's term for wiggly. I am thinking it is just a combo of wiggly and wobbly! lol!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last night at 3:30am Allison woke up and I went in there to turn her over and she is already turned over just smiling at me! I couldnt help but laugh! I am glad she is rolling over and all that but it is no good she wakes herself up doing it!! This afternoon I wanted to see her do it so I put her down and I looked up at the tv for a second and I looked back at her and wouldnt you know it she is looking up at me!! She did it so fast! So I tried again and I was able to see her do it! I tried to get it on video but both times I tried she starting fussing so I turned the camera off and then of course she rolled over!! I quickly remember at 3:30 this morning that Lauren would do the same thing. Her sleep patterns would always be screwed up for a few days when she learned something new or was in a growth spurt. So I guess I had better get ready for a few more sleepless nights soon!! I really prefer her only waking up once at night!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This past week my Mom and Lauren went shopping and Lauren found some shoes at Target she just had to have. She was so excited to show them to Jon when he got home. He asked her if they light up and she said "NO, Dad they are not sketchers!" Jon and I just looked at each other in amazement. We couldnt believe she knew the name brand! I am sure this is only the start of it!! lol! I asked her later how she knew about them and she told me from the tv. I guess I let her watch too much tv!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alli playing with her bunny toy

Alli has been grabbing at thing so much and holding on to them so I thought I would get out one of her toys to see how she liked it. She really enjoyed it!

I took all these with my point and shoot camera. It worked great I can hold her and still take a pic of her!!

Look at that grip on the bunny toy!

Allison's two month check up

I took Allison to her two month check up today. I would have liked to just put it off all together! I hate they need so many shots. She did really well with it though. She is running a bit of fever and somewhat fussy but compared to what I have been dealing with it is nothing! lol! She is so much better on this new formula! The doctor said keep her on it and then maybe at 6 months we can try to wean her off of it since she will be eating solid foods also. I have my doubts on that but we will see. The doctor said keep giving her the zantac and we will probably stop that at 6 months also. Allison is 11lbs 10oz and 22 1/2" long. The doctor was shocked to hear that she eats 4 to 6 oz at a feeding and keeps it all down, rolled over already, has such good head and neck control and that she sleeps 6 to 8 hrs at night. It is so sweet Allison will hold my finger with her hand while she is eating her bottle. Lauren did the same thing and I just love it!

Lauren and my Mom did some shopping while Allison and I were at the appt. Lauren picked out some tennis shoes from target and had to have them. When Jon was home she showed them to him and he said oh do they light up. Lauren says no they dont they arent sketchers!!! Jon and I just looked at each other and laughed! I cant believe she knows the name brand of them. We have never bought them for her so I dont know how she knows it!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Allison rolled over!

Last night when I went in to feed her I turned her on her back so I could go make a bottle. That usually makes her quiet since she has something new to look at. When I came back in there she was on her side! Then when Jon went in there this morning he said she was on her back and I had put her on her stomach! I am going to try to get it on video soon. Just seems so early for her to start doing it already! And she is drooling like crazy! Not sure if it is teething starting or what but it is a good thing I have lots of bibs!! It is so cute when talk to her she will "talk" back to you. It is just the sweetest sound!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The only smile I got!!

DSC_0025, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Lauren and I both were trying to get Allison to smile and this is the only one we got!! lol! I am sure as she gets older it will be easier...I sure hope anyway!!!

So pretty!

DSC_0012 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Tummy time!

Today Allison was so content to do anything! So Lauren wanted to play in her room so I laid a blanket down for Allison so she could play with us and I thought it was just too cute not to snap a few pics!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

She looks so grown up

Picture 010, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Something about these pics just make her look so old to me. :( Maybe it is b/c she was saying well what about this pose mom is this cute! LOL!

Just playing

Picture 080, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Just trying to learn my new camera.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

All night in the crib!

Last night Allison went to bed at 7:30 and woke up at 3 to eat then instead of putting her in our room for the rest of the night like I have been doing I went ahead and put her back in her crib. She slept till 7:30! So I guess I can fold down the pack and play now. I am so glad I got Alli the breathable bumper pads! She loves to wiggly up into the side or the corner of the bed. I was able to break her from sleeping on the boppy alot easier than I thought. I feel like she is growing too fast!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is this a new baby??

All day long Allison has been soooo happy and content! She has only cried a few times and it was b/c she wanted something or was fighting her sleep. I started her on the Similac Alimutin (sp?) or whatever that is called I started her on it yesterday evening and today she has been so different. She hasnt ate as much as I would like her to eat today but I am sure that will change. I hope I found the right stuff for her. I started with the zantac again since she started spitting up again. I think she does have reflux and a protein allergy or just a very sensitive tummy. This will all make for a "colic" baby I have read. I also learned today from Allison that she HATES to have something on her head. I never thought too much about it when I put her hat on her and put her in the carseat but it was cold in the house today and right after her bath I put a warm outfit on her and it had a cute little bunny hood. So I was going to get a pic with it on. But Alli hated it! She would fuss and then I would take it off and she was fine then put it back on and fuss again!! She doesnt even like me putting the hood of the towel on her head after a bath. I just thought she was cold! So there goes my idea of ordering the girls cute matching hats! I sure hope she doesnt mind wearing a headband or a bow soon. The headband I have is still too big for her. I hate seeing her hurt and I feel like I am not doing something right when she is in pain. I mean I am the one that is suppossed to take care of her and make her feel good so I hope we have found the right stuff for her! I do think she needs another reflux med. We have her two month appt tomorrow and shots that I am NOT looking forward to. But if it does snow then we may have to put that off!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not a baby doll girl

Lauren is just not a baby doll girl. She prefers her stuffed animals. We got a American doll magazine in today and I asked her if she wanted to look at the dolls she said nah and then noticed that a stuffed bunny was on the front cover also and she said I want that bunny! So I said do you not like baby dolls she said no I just like my animals. Maybe Allison will like baby dolls! lol!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sister love

Tonight we were all just playing with my new point and shoot camera and got these. It is just so sweet to me to see my girls together playing.

Love this! I think I will blow this up and put it in their playroom.

Look at Alli's new outfit! Ladybugs of course!!!