Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday funday

Saturday night Lauren was playing with her wallet and was excited she had money so I told her she could go buy something with it.  She had the day all planned out when she got up.  Go ride the carsouel 7 times, go to chuck e cheese, and go to build a bear.  I was hoping to do it all but then Jon got called into work.  So plans changed.  I took the girls to toys r us to look around and see if they wanted anything.  They only wanted the tinkerbell rocking chairs!! I took a pic with my phone and it was just too cute! Then we went and rode the carsousel once! Allison didnt want to get off of it! We ate lunch at the mall and by this time I was wore out! But Lauren wanted to go to build a bear so we did and they each got a small fry animal.  We left and Allison cried most of the way home because I wasnt paying attention to time and it was a little past her nap time.  The Girl LOVES her schedule and does not do well when it is messed up.  So we get home and she just cries and cries because she is overtired and wont fall asleep.  Finally at 3:30 she falls asleep only for me to wake her up at 5.  I wont do it again that is for sure! Keep on the schedule!!

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