Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lauren's salon

Allison so proud of herself and her necklaces!

Sunday Lauren decided to fix Allison's hair

Of course Lauren needed to get a picture of it too!

15/early 18 month check up for Allison

Click to Print This PageToday I took both Girls to the doctor.  Allison was late getting her 15 month check up so it was really more like an 18 month check up since she is 17 month now.  She is super healthy...maybe a touch of allergies.  She is 23lbs and 31"tall! She is on the upper scale of the growth carts even on her head size. 

Lauren passed her hearing test today!! We are going to keep up with the singular since she does still show signs of allergies.  She was 37lbs today.

So glad they are both super healthy and right now track!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tonight Allison said

Tonight Jon pulled up in the drive way and Allison heard his truck and she said "Daddy's home" as clear as day!! Everyday she says new words! Here is a list of some I can think of right now
I done
shakes her head yes and no when you ask her questions
Daddys truck
bye bye
night night
She saw the cat outside and said Garfield and then it sounded like she said what is he doing. It was all ran together but I swear that is what she said!

Friday, March 25, 2011

No more high chairs!

No more high chairs for us!! Allison for some time now has been climbing up in the chairs and wanting to sit in one instead of the high chair.  So I pulled down the booster seat and she loves it! It was sweet Lauren has switched her seat to be closer to Allison.  Allison reached over and tried to get Lauren's hand so they sat and ate while holding hands.  It was so sweet!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pretty flowers and Pretty Girls

094 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum.

Great Weekend!

We have had a great weekend! It was busy but so much fun! Friday I took the girls to the park for a bit and then we just played outside in the backyard the rest of the afternoon and evening. Lauren has finally figured out how to swing herself on the swing! She was on the swing for it had to have been an hour going so high! Friday night Jon was going to install another radio in my truck so the Girls wanted to get in the truck with him and they had so much fun just sitting in the front seat of the truck!  On Saturday we got up and we went and took some pictures.  It was chilly but it warmed up by the afternoon.  We cooked hot dogs and marshmellow that night and enjoy the weather.  Then today we got up and decided to go play putt putt.  It was the girls first time.  Lauren liked it but she got bored kinda fast.  She plays alot like me in the sense when she doesnt get the ball to go where she wants it she moves it herself and makes up her own score! :) Allison liked it at first but she got hot and hungry towards the end.  She liked throwing the ball and dropping in it the hole.  We can back and ate lunch and then walked to the school and Lauren flew her kite.  Then after Allison woke up from her nap we all went for some ice cream.  All the pics to it all will be on this site.

Playdate on St. Patty's Day

This past thrusday we went to the park and met Lauren's best friend Brett and his Mom and his little brother.  They all had a great time! They were so excited to see each other outside of school.  They didnt want to leave! Allison enjoyed playing and watching everyone. 

Once again I can not upload pics to the site here.  I am not sure how to fix this problem! Here is a link to the pics from the park.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lauren bowling video

First time bowling!

The first few pics are of Allison this past weekend.  Lauren was at Nana's and Pops.  It was nice outside so we played in the backyard.
With all the sliding she was doing she needed some water.
And decided to hang on to it!
This was taken a week or so ago.  She was loving on her baby and feeding it!
Today the Mom's group I am in decided to go bowling.  Since Lauren is out on spring break it worked out.  Allison did push one ball down..kinda but she is just too young for it.  She did enjoy watching everyone else and cheering Lauren on!. Lauren loved it! She would even move over the metal thing to line her ball up better!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I can't hear you...

that is what Lauren has been saying to us alot this past week.  We blew it off at first and then got worried but then thought no she is faking it.  I even talked to her teacher and she said no she didnt do it once in class.  Lauren has had this cough and running nose for over a month now.  I figured it was the start of allergies.  I went ahead and took her in Friday to see what the doctor said.  On the way there Lauren tells me well sometimes I just dont want to hear you! So I thought it was going to be a waste of co-pay and time.  The nurse took a look in her ears and said no infection or at least not a very bad one then he did the hearing test and she failed on both ears! I was shocked and felt so awful.  The doctor came in and said there was fluid on her ear but not infected but it will still cause her to not hear good.  She also thinks that the allergies caused a sinus infection.  So she is taking Singular now and antibotics for two wks.  Then I will take her back and see if she passes the hearing test.  So hopefully once the Singular starts to work the cough and running nose will go away also. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday funday

Saturday night Lauren was playing with her wallet and was excited she had money so I told her she could go buy something with it.  She had the day all planned out when she got up.  Go ride the carsouel 7 times, go to chuck e cheese, and go to build a bear.  I was hoping to do it all but then Jon got called into work.  So plans changed.  I took the girls to toys r us to look around and see if they wanted anything.  They only wanted the tinkerbell rocking chairs!! I took a pic with my phone and it was just too cute! Then we went and rode the carsousel once! Allison didnt want to get off of it! We ate lunch at the mall and by this time I was wore out! But Lauren wanted to go to build a bear so we did and they each got a small fry animal.  We left and Allison cried most of the way home because I wasnt paying attention to time and it was a little past her nap time.  The Girl LOVES her schedule and does not do well when it is messed up.  So we get home and she just cries and cries because she is overtired and wont fall asleep.  Finally at 3:30 she falls asleep only for me to wake her up at 5.  I wont do it again that is for sure! Keep on the schedule!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New words!

Everyday Allison is saying more words.  Today it was "Daddys truck" as she saw Jon drive off this morning.  "My cereal" as I gave her bowl to her.  A few other favorites right now are "bye"  "mess" and "night night".

It is so sweet at bed time now I will tell her it is time for bed and ask her if she wants to give night kisses and she will go over to Lauren and get a kiss..not a hug still not a fan of hugs from Lauren! And then to Jon and get a kiss and run to her room for me to cuddle with her for a second and go to bed! For a few weeks now she has finally been hugging back.  It just melts my heart when she does it too. 

When Allison takes a nap now Lauren and I have some teach time.  I found this website called reading kingdom and it is to help teach them to read.  She is doing really well with it.  I found a few other sites today and she played some learning games on it.  We also did some writing...but she of course would rather be on the computer.  Speaking of computer Allison is bad about getting my laptop and sitting it on her lap and opening it and going to town! Even when I think she cant get it...she gets it!!