Monday, October 10, 2011

Bartlett Festival

We went to the Bartlett Festival the first wknd of the month and the Girls had so much fun. They were able to see some animals and pet them and feed them. Allison loved feeding them but Lauren was too scared to try. They had a few bouncy houses and Lauren got in one and Allison at first wouldnt get in it then she got in and wouldn't get out! She screamed when we decided it was time to move on! They had a few rides and Lauren rode a few and Jon thought it was ok for Allison to ride this one that is like the teacups that spin....well Lauren gets on one that has like an 8 year old boy on it and so he is spinning it like crazy and I am yelling at him to stop! Poor Allison was not so sure of it. Lauren actually had to hold her head to keep it from hitting the rails. I was so glad to get them off that! I can't believe Jon thought that was ok! Then they rode this little car one that went around and they both liked that one.

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