Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lauren's first day full day of preschool

Today Lauren had a full day of preschool. 9 to 12. When I dropped her off she didnt even tell me bye! She ran right on in and started getting toys out and playing with the kids. When I picked her she was all quiet and I asked her if she was ok when we were in the car and she said in a whisper you have to be quiet when you say your prayers. Then she said she cried twice but I can't get it out of her why she was crying. All I got was that something about she had to sit in a red chair b/c something about the turtle on the rug. ?? Who knows. Jon asked her and she said it was a secret!!! lol! The note she got home was a good one so I guess all is good. She is wore out! I am hoping for a nap this afternoon!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

So Lauren says....

We were outside enjoying the weather and Lauren had her water table out. She filled up all of the empty bubble bottles and was pouring it on Garfield. I told her that wasnt nice and she wouldnt like it if he did that to her. She stops and looks at me and says "Mom, kitty cats dont have hands!" I couldnt say anymore b/c I was laughing so hard. Then she wanted to let the dogs out so Cassius came over to me and she hits him. I tell her that wasnt nice tell him you are sorry. Her response "Dogs can't talk!"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lauren goes to the zoo!

Jon took Lauren to the zoo today! They saw all of the animals and rode the train. There was this huge snake that Lauren was about to pet but the zoo people said the kids had to be 5?! Then she picked out another panda bear from the gift shop. She has a thing for pandas! OH they saw the sea lion show also and she wanted to go back and talk to them!! I think they both had a good time.

I went with my Mom and we did some shopping! We found alot of cute things for both girls! I held up really good! My feet didnt swell at all! I am really tired now but that is to be expected!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

30 wks today!

Today I am 30 wks! I went to the doctor on Monday and all was well. At the begining of Oct is when she will schedule my c-section. It is getting harder to do things since I start hurting and get tired fast but I dont have too much longer. I would rather deal with hurting then have a preemie! I am just 3 wks from when I had Lauren! I start going to the doctor every 2 wks now. I am so happy everything is going so great!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lauren's first day of pre-school

Today was Lauren's first day of school! She woke up ready to go! We got there and at first she wasnt so sure b/c she saw some other kid kinda freak out a bit but then she saw markers and was fine! She sat down and starting coloring. I told her bye and she said ok and that was it!! lol! When I picked her up she told me she wasnt ready to go yet. She said they played outside but they didnt get to do a puppet show but she wanted to. The teachers said she did great. Man it sure doesnt seem like she should be old enough for pre-school!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Incredible Pizza Company

Jon and I took Lauren to the Incredible Pizza Company today. It was all of our first time going. It isnt so much geared to Lauren's age group but there was still alot she could do. Jon and Lauren rode the go carts. The pic was all blurry since I turned the flash off.

She played mini golf for the first time and was really good at it! She really liked playing. She did play some what like I do you know whatever it takes to put the game in her favor!! lol!

Just riding some little rides.

She got really bored with this one. It was went around and around. It also kept talking to her everytime she passed the same spot and she couldnt figure out where it was coming from.

She also got to bowl for the first time. She told me it was too hard to do though. Jon didnt realize that he chose the only lane that did have gutter balls the others you didnt have to worry about it. I think if she would have tried it on one of those then she would have liked it better.

So for the most part she had a good time. It may be the last time we all go out as a family of 3!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lauren's halloween costume ideas!

I got an email with lots of costumes on it and Lauren and me are going through them. We found a light up witch costume that she wants. I want her to have the pumkin princess costume. She likes both but likes the fact that the witch dress lights up! I will give her a few wks and see what she says. So in the process of talking about trick or treating which she remembers from last year she asked what Daddy was going to dress up as. I asked her what she thought he should wear this year and she said he should be a ladybug!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! I can't wait to see his face when she tells him!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Third trimester starts today!!!

I am 28 wks today which is the start of the third trimester. It wont be too long before I am holding my baby girl!! We have almost everything ready. Just final touches and things to do here and there. I am slowly down for sure! Thank goodness no swelling yet and hopefully it wont start! My blood pressure has been great. I know all the problems can start fast but I am holding onto the idea of this just being a normal pregnancy and delivery!

Lauren is having a ball playing with all the baby stuff! Her favorite place to go and hide right now is under the crib!

I was asked today if I was 4 month pregnant that crazy lady apparently hasn't seen to many pregnant women! I was like uh NO try 7 months! I swear I just don't see how I can get much bigger!! I will be falling over forward! I am not as big as I was with Lauren but with her it was all swelling due to the pre-eclampsia. I know I will get bigger though. Just as long as Allison is growing and doing great then I am happy! I will just pay that plastic surgeon when the time comes!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A what?

Lauren and I were watching Dora and she says to me look Mommy there are lots of crocagators! A mix between crocodille and alligator!! lol!

I really need to start writing down the cute stuff she says. She comes up with the funniest things!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lauren in Nana and Pops pool

Yesterday we went down to Wynne. Lauren was so excited to get in the pool. Nana got in with her but it was a bit chilly and Lauren just wanted to be held so it didnt last too long. She of course wanted to ride on the shopping cart (the golf cart)! We ate and headed out to a friends house so I could take pics of their little baby girl. She was just adorable! They basically have a farm out there! So Lauren got to play with a pig, see the ducks, and the pet the horses! She said she wanted to ride them but when it came time to get close to them she wasnt so sure about it. They were huge so I dont blame her one bit!!!

The crib is FINALLY up! The room is not ready but hopefully at some point this week it will be. We still have to get out the fish tank and then I can tell how I was to rearrange the furniture.