Friday, July 1, 2011

A trip to the toy store

I took the girls to Toys r us earlier this week so Lauren could use her birthday coupon and the rest of her money she had.  At first she was all about looking at things then her normal I hate shopping self came out! She started picking up things just to get and finally turned to me and said I am tired of shopping can we just go home!! Then she spotted the pillow pet blanket! She just had to have that! I was ok with that since I figure she will get more use out of the blanket than a toy.  Allison on the other hand was still going strong the entire time! She found a little shopping cart and had to push that all around the store. Then she spotted a purse and had to carry that. I was able to get her to stop paying attention to those things only for her to find this little elephant lovie.  She had to hug it a few times and wanted to carry it around but then some bubbles got her attention and she didn't want the lovie anymore.  Funny how my kids love their blankets!

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