Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recap of what has been going on here

Lauren had her end of year carnival at school yesterday.  The kids had so much fun! It was pretty warm outside so we cut the playing outside a little short and they played in the classroom. Lauren got her face painted! Still hard to believe she is done with preschool and ready to move on to kindergarten!

A few sunday mornings ago we got up and went to the park at shelby farms.  It wasnt so crowded so the girls were able to play for a few hours.  It was fun! Allison loved sliding down the big slides! Lauren found a friend of hers that is in her preschool class and they played together.

Lauren had a ballgame last night and we took her friend Gracin with us.  After the game we went and had pizza.  They had so much fun! They were able to make their own pizzas! It is so funny to listen to two 5yr olds talk about things!

Here is the link to lots of new pics.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slip n slide and Lauren's first t-ball game! And SHOES

This past Monday it was hot so I decided to get the slip n slide out.  We called some friends over to play and they had a great time! They didnt really get the whole you have to slide on your stomach but they were just enjoying playing in the water.

Lauren had her first t-ball game on saturday.  She loved it!! She did really great!! It was very choatic but we made it though it.  She was getting bored since the balls only seem to go to first base! Lauren didnt want to throw the ball once she got it a time or two.  I think all the people telling her what to do was confusing her. She is excited for her next game so I am happy about that!

Lauren has also been making up her own dances lately! I am going to take her to another dance recital so we can see how another dance place compares to the one we went to.

I took the Girls to payless on friday to see about getting some shoes for them.  Allison was so HAPPY! I swear the child just wants shoes! She could play in a shoe store all day long!!! BUT we didnt find any that fit either of them so Allison was making a huge mess and it was time to go.  That is when the screaming started!! I carried her out kicking and screaming! One of the workers came around to make sure I wasnt beating her I think! She cried almost the whole way home!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dance recital, birthday and zoo

Lauren had her dance recital this past wed. She did GREAT!!! She looked adorable up there on stage!! She really enjoyed it!

On her birthday yesterday we went to the zoo with her friend Brett and his Mom and little brother.  They all had a good time running around and seeing the animals. She had a great birthday!!

TONS of new pics

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rehearsal for Lauren dance recital

Lauren had her rehearsal last night.  I got there and it just hit me. First off I have a daughter who is old enough to be taking dance and going to be onstage! Second WOW she looks so great up there! I would love for her to keep taking dance but if she doesnt want to maybe Allison will want to.  I never thought I would be so emotional about it all.  So maybe I won't be at the recital since I got it all out last night! It is going to be crazy that night!

Lauren's 5th birthday party!!

This past saturday we had Lauren's 5th birthday party! For a year now she has wanted her party at Chuck E Cheese.  And since the last few years it has rained and been awful for a outside home party we said ok.  It was alot easier not having it at the house! they did everything and there were no kids to destroy my house! The weather was great also! All of the kids seemed to have alot of fun playing on all the games.  Then we all sat down and had pizza and chuck came out and crowned Lauren and they all sang happy birthday to her. She was able to get up and dance with chuck.  She loved it! She got a ton of tickets and gifts.  After her party we came back to the house and then to t-ball practice.  She really enjoys t-ball so far!! Then we came back home and had a party with all the family.  Lauren got a barbie jeep and was all over the yard with it.  She really needs to learn how to drive better though! If you see her coming you better get out of the way! She gots lots of good stuff for her birthday! We have spent the last two days inside due to rain and we have been playing with all her new toys.  I will post pics soon.