Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caterpillars everywhere!!

I mean it they are every where! Lauren is loving it! She was so excited earlier when she saw one crawling on her window! We were cleaning the front flower bed out and she decided to start collecting the caterpillars. The girl had like 3 in her hand and two crawling on her!!! She was laughing so hard! I got a pic of her with them all but I am just too tired to upload them right now! We got two of the pots planted also. So now I need a nap! And it must not take a hole for me to twist my ankle! I was just standing there and took a step and there it goes! I didnt think it was too bad but the longer I worked in the yard the worse it got. So now it is all swollen again and hurting! I have to cook dinner tonight though. I have a craving for brocolli casserole and I must make it!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Great appointment today!

I went today for a doctor's appt and the heartbeat in the 160's which is great! My blood pressure was great also! The nurse was a bit concerned with my sugar but my doctor was ok with it. So I am hoping the morning sickness will be going away really soon!! We are going May 26th for the big ultrasound!! It is so exciting that is so close!

Lauren and I played outside most of the day. Well I kept my foot up and watched her play. My ankle swelled up from being on it so much this morning. She has a new thing where she looks for caterpillars and OH MY she LOVES them! She will find one and carry it around and let it crawl all over her!! She has squished one and she was so sad about it but she is getting better with them!! lol!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter weekend!

So once again I uploaded the pics out of order! We had a good wknd. We started out Saturday day at my parents house. We went to an Easter egg hunt at a church there and Lauren found tons of eggs! For some reason the church thought it was a good idea to preach to preschoolers and the guy got started and I said Oh my God these are preschoolers! They dont want to listen to this. Something like that anyway and Lauren turned to me and told me shh!!! LOL!! My Mom said it God talking to me!!! LOL! She then was able to play with her cousins the rest of the day and they were all wore out! The easter bunny stopped 3 times to see Lauren!! This morning she ran to the front door to see what the Easter bunny left her. She really thought he was going to walk through the door!! lol! Not long after she went through her basket she started eating candy! After she was in her room for a bit she came back out and had eaten like 6 hershey kisses!!! Then we got ready and went out to Jon's family for lunch. We werent able to hide easter eggs there since it rained. Lauren had plenty to entertain though!!

A got a pic of us before we left today.

This is the faces I get when trying to get a real smile these days!!

Didnt she look pretty!!

Seeing what the Easter bunny brought her!

Look at all the eggs she found!! All filled with candy!

Running to go get more eggs!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting ready for Easter!

Today we let Lauren dye easter eggs for the first time. She loved it! I will post pics tomorrow maybe. She was actually pretty gentle with the eggs! After we colored them she put funny face stickers on them. Then I got the plastic eggs out and Jon would hide them and she would come outside and find them. She really had a good time with this! She even hid them for Jon once! And did really well with hiding them actually!