Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ultrasound today!

Lauren was right all along! We are having another GIRL!!!! I think it will be great for Lauren to have a sister. I am sure they will be super close! Lauren was so excited when we went shopping for a few things for the new baby. She wanted to get her baby sister a blanket, pacifer, toy, bottles, and diapers!! I hope she keeps her excitement for the new baby! This ultrasound was different than with Lauren. Jon and I had our own little screen to look at so we got to see all the measurements and parts of the body. It was amazing to be able to see it all like that. She is just perfect and super healthy! Right on track! She had her little hands up under her chin and then she stretched her arm out and gave us this little thumbs up. It was so cute! Now we have to come up with a name!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snow White!

Lauren and I are going to go to a princess breakfast next weekend and it says to come dressed up as your favorite princess. I asked Lauren what hers was and she said Snow White. Not sure why b/c she hasnt even seen the movie yet!! So I started looking for a Snow White costume and found one at Target for a great price. She LOVES it! When she put her shoes on she walked like an old lady for a bit now she is running in them!! She is just too cute!! I wondered if she would get into playing dress up or not!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lauren's funny things she says

Tonight we were going to my cousins graduation party and we had to go through some blinking red lights. Lauren asked why we were stopping and Jon told her b/c it meant stop. She said I dont have to stop b/c I dont know how to drive!

I was getting ready tonight and I wore my contacts and put on make-up. Lauren looked at me and said Mommy your eyes look funny!! Tells me I dont fix up near enough!

Remebered another one! I was trying to get Lauren out of the car and she was going so slow so I said come one slow poke and she said NO mommy I am a fast poke!

I really should start posting these as soon as she says them b/c my memory is shot these days! She has us laughing all day long with the things she comes up with!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lauren's 3yr old pics!!

Picture 031, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

This is one of my favs! You can click the pic and see the full set of them. I had some other ideas of some I wanted to try to get but there were a TON of kids there at the garden today so I did what I could! Lauren had a great time! They have they HUGE fish there and she loved watching them swim around! We waited to late in the year to go to get the really pretty flowers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's a moving!!!!!!!!

The baby that is!! I figured it would be any day when I would start feeling it for sure and today was the day! This evening to be exact! It took me off guard the first time!! lol! I was like what in the world! Then it hit me what it was!! I was wondering if this one would be as active as Lauren and I am thinking it will be!! It is just a moving around as I type!! I wonder what Lauren will think when she can feel it on the outside.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lauren turns 3!!!!!!!!!!

Today was Lauren's 3rd birthday! It is so hard to believe that 3 yrs have already passed! We got up and had muffins and got ready and my Mom (Nana) came over and we went out and did some shopping and they rode the carousel. Had lunch and ice cream and back to the house to play. I didnt take a pic before we left for shopping but she looked so pretty! Of course in a new dress!! She spent a little while outside playing with the sand box and then back in to play with her blocks. Then her Mimi (Jon's Mom) came over and had a few gifts for her! One of which is a ring that is too big right now but that isnt stopping Lauren from wearing and it carrying it around everywhere!! She had a great birthday! I guess she is officially a big girl now. It is truly amazing to watch her grow everyday. I knew being a mother would be great and challenging but I never would have thought it would be this great! It is a whole new level of happiness!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party pics

Of course these are all backwards in order. I have to paint my kitchen if I am going to keep doing birthday set ups in there. The yellow totally throws off the color of the pic so the pics arent so great. I also need to find a balance between what to take a pic of and what to video. Next year I will try to do better!! In the first pic the balloons are actually tied to her pigtails!!

This is everyone singing happy birthday to her! This I should have had on video!

I asked her how old she is going to be and this is how she show 3!!

Her tink cake. I was not so happy with it. I didnt make it this year and maybe it bothered me more that I didnt take the time to do it this year. I was wanting something more and the place I got it from didnt measure up. Could totally just be hormones! But she loved it and that is all that mattered!

The pics of the caterpillars from the other day.

Lauren woke up this morning at 7:30! She wanted to play with her seashells that Uncle Scott got for her!! She played with those things up until bed time last night too! Then once we got up she had made her way around all of her toys. Uncle Jeff got her a HUGE princess castle and she wanted it set up. Jon got it up for her and she said her and snow white were going to go play in! So snow white has been her play friend all day long!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Party day!!

Lauren had her 3rd birthday party today!! I was worried it would not be as much fun being stuck inside with this rain we have but I think everyone had a great time! I know Lauren had so much fun!!! She got to play with all her little friends and will get to do it again real soon since we couldnt get the pink castle bouncer today. We will get it another weekend soon. Lauren got lots of good stuff! Thanks so much to everyone that made it!! I will upload and post pics tomorrow.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Whew finally!

Yesterday Lauren had a whole day without accidents! We were doing so good a while back but she would never poop in the potty. She finally started doing it a few wks ago and it was like she forgot about peeing in there too! So it has been a rough couple of weeks when trying to clean up a child when you are gagging! FINALLY yesterday I found her weakness!!! I was giving her suckers but she got over that. So now it is chocolate!!! The girl ate more chocolate yesterday but no gagging for me or extra laundry! Sure hope she keeps it up!!! I do need to get more hershey kisses though!!!

We are getting ready for her 3rd birthday party tomorrow!!! Jon is having a pink castle bouncer come! That is if it doesnt rain. If it does rain then we will have the bouncer another wknd. She is so excited about her party!! That is all she has talked about for two months!!!