Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slip n slide and Lauren's first t-ball game! And SHOES

This past Monday it was hot so I decided to get the slip n slide out.  We called some friends over to play and they had a great time! They didnt really get the whole you have to slide on your stomach but they were just enjoying playing in the water.

Lauren had her first t-ball game on saturday.  She loved it!! She did really great!! It was very choatic but we made it though it.  She was getting bored since the balls only seem to go to first base! Lauren didnt want to throw the ball once she got it a time or two.  I think all the people telling her what to do was confusing her. She is excited for her next game so I am happy about that!

Lauren has also been making up her own dances lately! I am going to take her to another dance recital so we can see how another dance place compares to the one we went to.

I took the Girls to payless on friday to see about getting some shoes for them.  Allison was so HAPPY! I swear the child just wants shoes! She could play in a shoe store all day long!!! BUT we didnt find any that fit either of them so Allison was making a huge mess and it was time to go.  That is when the screaming started!! I carried her out kicking and screaming! One of the workers came around to make sure I wasnt beating her I think! She cried almost the whole way home!!

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