Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playroom is done!

FINALLY the playroom is 100% done! Tonight Jon is going to put the crib together. Slowly but surely things are getting done.

I was folding clothes today and Lauren wanted to help. She started folding the wash cloths!! She did such a good job! I love this age!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3d/4d ultrasound!!!

We had one today! It was so neat to watch her moving around and opening her mouth. At one point she was even sucking her thumb! Lauren kept asking me how it felt when they were doing it. She liked watching Allison moving around. She even played peek a boo with her when we watched it at home!! lol! It wasnt as clear as what you see in some pictures but I found out I have an anterior placenta and so we should be thankful we saw anything from what I have read. We couldnt tell who she looks like yet but that is ok we will now soon enough! She did look to me like she has Lauren's nose. Or should I saw Jon's!! lol! Which is just fine with me!! It was a really sweet thing to see. She sure doesnt look like she has much room in there! I got a dvd of it but I can't play it on my computer and I didnt get any still pics on the disk to post. I may try to take a picture of a picture and post later.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another doctor's appt down!

I went to the doctor this morning and had to take the glucose test and passed! Thank goodness! I didnt pass it with Lauren and the 3hr is horrible! My bp and blood work all looked great so I will go back in another 4wks then start going every 2wks. I am so glad I still feel so good with this pregnancy! I sure hope it stays this way the rest of the time!! We are going tomorrow to do the 3d/4d ultrasound and Lauren is so excited that she gets to see her baby sister on the tv!!

Lauren and I went McDonald's for a late breakfast this morning and she said her cinaminon roll was DELICIOUS!!! It was so cute! I have got her to where she will clean up her room and the playroom through out the day so we dont have toys everywhere all day long. She tells me I am helping you Mommy!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun day!

Jon took the day off and we had the hospital tour/pre-admission to do this morning. That went well. Makes me more nervous but excited at the same time. Then we went and ate and off to Chuck E cheese! We all had a great time! We left there and had to get some ice cream of course! Now we are relaxing at home for the rest of the evening. Sure wish we could have more days like this!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sassy girl!

Picture 210, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

To me she looks like such a big girl in all the pics. If you click on one of the pics it will take you to the others as well.

Fun photoshoot today!

Picture 196, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

It has been awhile since Lauren and I took any pics so today we did some. It is great that I can now say do this and that and she does it. Also she likes to come up with her own ideas!! I really think I should look into serious modeling for her!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just playing

Lauren has just recently gotten into playing with her baby dolls! I thought that maybe dolls just werent going to be here thing. I moved the rocking chair out of her room to Allison's and set up the corner for her baby doll bed, highchair, little bassinet, and stroller. Ever since she has been playing with them all!! She is also changing their clothes. She just has like two or three outfits but she loves changing them! Then she feeds them and then puts them down for a nap! Then tells me I have to be quiet b/c her babies are sleeping! I guess it is good practice for her!!

Last night I turned it on so you think you can dance and she had to go put on one of her princess dress up dresses and shoes and started dancing. It was so cute! I couldnt even watch the show b/c I was watching her!! She did pretty good too! I would love to start her in dance but I think I will wait till next year. I am afraid I would be so overwelmed with preschool, dance, and a newborn!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just a few pics from the lake

Our little daredevil! She saw a little boy wakeboarding and then she saw we have a pink wakeboard that is way too big for her she didnt care she wants to do that! I told my Dad it only took 30yrs but he finally his girl to play with on the water!! My Brother would be so proud that Lauren LOVES the water!

Lauren and Jackson watching the fireworks and singing and laughing!

Dancing in the rain! More pics at the shutterfly site. Link is in a post below.

4th of July wknd at the lake

We headed up to the lake on Friday and were able to get out on the boat for a bit on Friday and Lauren was so excited to be able to swim! She saw her first fireworks that night. It worked out great b/c it rained on Saturday night. On saturday we got out on the boat and Lauren was so ready to get on the intertube and ride! She had a blast doing that! She had a great time playing and swimming!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little handy girl!

Jon was putting together the storage unit for the playroom and Lauren wanted to help him nail the nails in and she did it!

A few pics of the playroom. It still isnt fully done but it is a work in progress. It will be another month before Jon can finish the floor and put the baseboards on. I still have to order some things for the walls.

Lauren is getting much better when it is time to clean up things with her helping. Although I found out that she did take one thing after me. The way she cleans up! I just like it out of the way in a drawer, closet whatever. We couldnt find her sandals b/c she put them up in her night stand table drawer!!!