Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family vacation to Nashville

This past weekend we had our first family RV trip to Nashville.  We went to Nashville Shores waterpark and it was great!! All the kids loved it! We stopped and ate in Nashville before going to the RV park and the place we went to was called Loveless cafe.  It has been there forever and famous people always come in there.  Well Chelsea Clinton was standing right next to us! My Mom recongized her.  I thought she looked familar but I was also wondering why anyone would want to wear the hat she was wearing! Anyway it was a good meal there and off the RV park we went.  The kids were ready to play right then! So we went to the waterpark which was just a walk.  It was so nice that evening.  Hardly any people were there so Lauren and Jon were able to do the big water slides several times.  Jon said Lauren kept saying "this is so cool" My Dad and Colton did a few of the bigger slides also.  My Mom, Allison, Kenton, and me stayed around the kiddie pool.  They both could stand up so they had such a good time.  The park was closing so we went back to the RV and cooked some hotdogs. By this time is was 8 or a little after! So Jon, Alliosn, and me went to the hotel to check in. I thought Allison would be so wore out she would just pass out.  NO such luck! She talked and moved around for about an hour then finally she went to sleep.  She kept hitting her head on the headboard and very early in the morning she rolled off the bed! She went right back to sleep though.  We had to wake her up to go back to the RV so we could go to the park again.  This time the park was packed! So much that Lauren didnt even want to wait in  line to slide.  There were plenty of other things to do though.  So we did all of those! Allison really liked the wave pool also.  I was afraid she would be scared of it.  I think she is ready to go the ocean now! We did the lazy river once but she didnt much care for that. There was a small slide in the kiddie pool and she did that I dont know how many times!! About 5 Allison got so sleepy but of course once my Mom got back to the RV she was wide awake.  We all decided we had had enough and called it a day also.  We were all wore out! We got to the hotel that night and Allison found the phone.  She kept picking it up and writing on the notepad just talking away! She went to sleep faster that night.  She only talked for about 30 mins.  She also slept backwards all night long but at least she didnt fall off the bed or hit her head on the headboard. We came back on Sunday.  It was a great trip! Allison really surprised me at how well she did.  Of course in the RV she could move around and that made a huge difference in the riding to and from.

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