Monday, November 30, 2009

Allison slept through the night!!

WOOOHHOOO!! Allison slept all night last night! It might have had something to do with us being gone all day in Wynne and her not really sleeping good all day. It would be great if she would do this from now but I am not counting on it just yet. We did a photo shoot yesterday in Wynne and the photographer got her smiling!! I am so excited to have that photo! I will post them later.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The pics I couldnt post yesterday...

The first two are Lauren and my Mom putting up Lauren's pink christmas tree for her room! My Mom got all the stuff and Lauren was so excited to put it up. It is really pretty!

Here is Jon and Allison!! Look at her cute little mouse hat!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Got a smile at 5 wks!

I think I got a real smile today from Allison!! I went to go pick her up and tell her good morning and she gave me back the biggest cutest smile ever!! I tried to get another one and get a picture but she was ready to eat. Hopefully I can get one on camera soon! She turned 5 wks old yesterday! I have a few pics to share but for some reason I cant get them to upload right now. Last night I changed Allison into pjs and when I was putting them on I thought it was odd I could hardly get her leg in them. Then when I picked her up I realized it was too small! She couldnt stretch her leg out at all! Her foot was so stuffed in it also!! lol! So looks like she is out of the newborn size. Problem is I thought for sure I had plenty of clothes for her but I only have like 3 sleepers for her in the next size. Most of them are outfits so I will make a trip out this weekend or next week and get her some pjs that fit. I am not sure why I thought I had enough clothes for and I also thought I had enough diapers. We went through them so fast it wasnt even funny! You would have thought I never had a kid!! Just not sure what I was thinking!! lol!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our first outing

Here is Lauren before school this morning. She looked so cute! I got her dressed and I asked her if she wanted to get a picture and she said "Yeah sure Mom let's go take a picture"! When I picked her up from school her knee socks were pulled down. She said they bothered her!

Here is Allison sleeping in her most favorite position! I almost thinking of just sleeping on the couch at night b/c she sleeps so much better or her tummy!
Jon took Lauren to school this morning and I got Allison and me ready for the day. I decided it was time to make a trip to Target. I wanted to look for a black shirt for me for our family pics this weekend. Allison did great! Slept the entire time! Then we ran to Babies r us b/c Target didnt have tights for the girls so when it was time to get back in the truck I couldnt get the carseat off the stroller!! I was about to really freak out since it was chilly and we had to go get Lauren! I am not sure what was going on but I got it off finally!
When we picked up Lauren from school I asked her if she wanted to go get a happy meal. She said yes then she says but I dont want pickles on it, or mustard, or that black stuff. I said you mean the hamburger! She said yeah I dont want that on it!! BUT she actually ate half of it so she must have liked it!!
Lauren has had a cold for like two wks now and last night when Allison got up at midnight I knew I had it too! I have almost lost my voice today b/c of the drainage. I just hope Allison doesnt get it!
OH the other day I was changing Allison and Lauren was getting me a new diaper. Allison "talked" a little and Lauren asked what she was doing and I told her that was her way of talking. Lauren says I didnt know she knew spanish!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Allison is a month old!

Allison is now a month old! So yesterday we did some pictures. I had a big plan but of course Jon was at work for one and two as soon as I was ready to take them Allison decided it was time to eat and then sleep. So Lauren and I did a few just us and then later Allison woke up so we got a few. To me just overnite it is as if Allison has grown! I sure wish we would get her formula figured out so she wouldnt be in so much pain from the gas. We are all pretty tired around here but I know in a couple of months it will be better. Lauren is still doing awesome with being a big sister! She is always ready to help and has recently started to ask to feed Allison. I told her she would be able to do that in a few months.

I feel like I am enjoying Allison more than I did Lauren at this age. I think it is b/c I was so nervous and scared with Lauren and with Allison I can just enjoy her. I want to enjoy her to the fullest since she will be my last baby.

I took Allison to her one month check up today and she is 8lbs 5oz and 21" long! She is growing fast! Basically the doctor said she will grow out of her gassiness and whatnot. Still doesnt help when she is hurting! I thought that Allison was grunting she has made the noise since birth but I still wondered if it was normal or if she was hurting. Well it is just Allison! lol! The doctor said that is her cooing. Who knew! lol! So she is just perfect...just gassy!!

It has only been a month and it really feels like Allison has been here alot longer! I guess that is what happens when you don't get much sleep, the days seem to just all go together. It feels like our family is complete now with Allison here.

Doesnt she look so cute here! It is almost a smile!

taking a nap in her crib for the first time

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pictures from the last two days

I want to get some more pics of Allison in this first outfit. It is so cute on her! She just has been sleeping all day for the most part today so that doesnt look good for my night but maybe she will get up soon and I can get some cute pics of her.

Allison checking out her crib for the first time!!

She loves her paci now!

3 weeks old!

Allison is 3 wks old today! I have some pics to upload later. I think we have finally got our formula issues under control. She is still a bit gassy but she doesnt seem to be hurting like she was. I am still pumping but it just isnt enough for her. Lauren is still doing great with her. No real jealousy issues as of yet. Allison has grown out of all the preemie clothes and the newborn size is small in the feet! So I give it another week and we will be out of all the newborn size also. Her cord fell off yesterday but then I realized there is still a bit left at the base of her belly button so hopefully in just a few days that will be gone. She does not like bath time right now so I am hoping once she gets a real bath she will like it more. She also does not like to ride in the car! I took Lauren to school this morning and Allison cried almost the whole way home! Allison doesnt like to change clothes either. This girl just prefers to not be messed with!! lol! I have always been told most people have one easy child and one hard one. Well Lauren seems to have been my easy one at this point!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Great weekend!

The first pic I took yesterday. I had their shirts made and I wanted to be sure I got a pic with them both wearing them. Lauren is outgrowing hers so I wanted to get it done. It was my birthday yesterday and I had the sweetest birthday cards from Jon and the Girls when I woke up. It was a great day. Lauren wanted to take back her card though. She wanted it to be her birthday card!

Then on Saturday it was so nice outside and Jon was home so since I havent been able to play with Lauren like we used to I wanted just her and me to go the park and take some pics and play! We had a great time. I am so rusty with my photography skills and it was noon so terrible time for pics but I still got some I wanted to keep. It was more about us being together more than anything. It was great to be able to play with her again like we used to!!

As of today Allison can wear 0-3 months size and it isnt huge on her! I knew she would grow fast but I had to put the preemie stuff up!! I think the outfit she has on just runs a bit small.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two weeks old and a cold!

Allison is two weeks old today! I havent taken any pics today. I will try to take some tomorrow. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday b/c she has a cold. I guess it is a cold. She is all snotty. She seems to be doing better today. Lauren has a cold also. I am guessing it was brought home from preschool. Which is a another thing to worry about. Allison now weighs 7 lbs!! She is growing so fast!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just random things

Yesterday it got pretty warm and Allison was sleeping but she felt too hot so I thought I would change her into a little dress b/c I thought that might fit her. All the short sleeve onesies we have are huge on her so a dress was my only option. It did fit her ok but she was MAD I moved her and woke her up. I thought I could do it without her waking up but nope! She didnt care for the dress either! I didnt so much either after trying to feed her with it on. It was just too much! So then I tried to put on one of the preemie outfits on her since the sleeves are shorter on her but I think she had grown longer b/c I couldnt get it on her!! She was not about to bend her leg! So more screaming went on until I put her back in what she had on at first and put her in the swing and back to sleep she went! Allison does not like to be woke up! I dont blame her!!

Allison has these few really long hairs on her little head. It is so cute! I am just excited she has hair at all!!

The poor thing is so gassy lately. I changed her formula but like yesterday she had mostly breastmilk and that didnt help her. I feel so bad for her she is hurting and nothing seems to help.

I think that Allison is waking up Lauren at night when she cries. Lauren doesnt get up but I did hear her in there moving around when I was up feeding Allison last night. Lauren has been cranky latley. I dont know if it is the on coming of a cold or just tired. I ask her if we woke her up and she keeps saying no. I think it is just enough to screw up her sleep cycle though.

Lauren has gotten really bad at telling lies! We told her no more cookies last night and she snuck them to our room anyway and Jon caught her! She then told him I opened the cookies for her!!! When she knew that wasnt the case!! Needless to say she was put right to bed!

If I am talking to Allison, Lauren will say "Mom she is a baby she can't talk!"