Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New words!

Everyday Allison is saying more words.  Today it was "Daddys truck" as she saw Jon drive off this morning.  "My cereal" as I gave her bowl to her.  A few other favorites right now are "bye"  "mess" and "night night".

It is so sweet at bed time now I will tell her it is time for bed and ask her if she wants to give night kisses and she will go over to Lauren and get a kiss..not a hug still not a fan of hugs from Lauren! And then to Jon and get a kiss and run to her room for me to cuddle with her for a second and go to bed! For a few weeks now she has finally been hugging back.  It just melts my heart when she does it too. 

When Allison takes a nap now Lauren and I have some teach time.  I found this website called reading kingdom and it is to help teach them to read.  She is doing really well with it.  I found a few other sites today and she played some learning games on it.  We also did some writing...but she of course would rather be on the computer.  Speaking of computer Allison is bad about getting my laptop and sitting it on her lap and opening it and going to town! Even when I think she cant get it...she gets it!!

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