Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lauren singing her Abc's

Loves bath time!

I forgot to post on saturday but Alli is 7 months old now! She LOVES bath time! She will SCREAM when I take her out of it.  Maybe later this week or next I will see how she likes the pool outside. 

Monday, May 24, 2010


Lauren sang her ABC's today!! She has known her letters for awhile now but not the song in the right order.  She just started singing it today!! I took video of it and I will post that soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pictures, lunch, birthday party, and some visting

Yesterday was a super busy day for all of us! Lauren was invited to her cousins birthday party or great cousin I guess.  Jackson was turning 4.  Jon and I decided to just make a day of it since it has been so long since we have been to wynne.  We got some family pics done first thing by Courtney.  Then we ate lunch at my favorite place and Allison did SOOOO GREAT! Allison was good all day but Lauren...not so much! lol! Alli first slept all the way down there and then go up and did great for the pictures then she really enjoyed eating at the resturant.  She just looked at everyone and ate her food and played.  Lauren was crabby and would not cooperate for pictures or through lunch! I guess it is just too much to ask for both of them to be great! lol! I think if my parents would have been at the house when we got there she would have done better b/c she wanted them to be there.  They didnt get back from vacation till about 4 so we stayed in town longer to see them.  We got to the birthday party and Lauren was being all shy which is odd for her! She warmed up pretty fast though.  They had a big blow up water slide and oh my all the kids loved it! I was taking care of Alli so Jon had the camera and well we got one picture at least! Alli started to get fussy since she was tired so we left the party sooner than what Lauren wanted and as soon as we got in the car Alli was asleep! She slept for two hours on Nana's couch.  I was afraid to put her in the crib b/c I did not want her to wake up and be cranky.  Once she got up she ate and I should have given her a bottle before we left b/c she screamed all the way home! We stopped to get gas in west memphis and I gave her some of the bottle but it didnt help much.  We got home and got the girls ready for bed and finally we got to rest! It is great that everytime we take Alli somewhere everyone is always commenting on how happy she is.  She just doesnt like to be at home and me have to do something other than play with her!! It is a great feeling to both Jon and me that we can take her somewhere and her be happy and have a good time.  We both really need to start getting out the house!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lauren's report card

They send home report cards back in Jan and now.  Back in Jan she needed to work on recongizing her name which was crazy b/c she could write it then also but you know how it is with kids.  Also she needed to work on the days of the week and plede of allegiance. But for her report card now she got excellent on them all! Except the days of the week it said just satisfactory.  I just never think to go over then with her.  So I will try to start doing that.  Back in Jan they were working it said she could count to 1-10 but had trouble reconizing a few.  Now she can count to 20 and reconizes them all!! They didnt even teach them how to count to 20! I am so proud of Lauren!

They also did this sheet called "all about me" at the very first of the school year they had to fill it out for her b/c she couldnt or wouldnt write her name.  She said her hair was brown, eyes are brown, she is a girl, she was 3.  She was 39" tall and 31lbs then.  Her favorite color was all colors.  Her favorite food was all food.  Her favorite toy is a dollhouse.  And her favorite thing to do with her family was playing inside with her animals.  This was back in Aug, 2009. 

Now they did this earlier this month and it came out like this.  She wrote her name, Hair still brown (I asked her about this and told her that her hair is actually blond) eyes brown. 4yrs old.  She is 41" tall and 33lbs.  Favorite color is purple. Favorite food is popcorn, corndogs, and chicken nuggets.  Favorite toy is her yo-yo. ( ?? not sure why she said this was her favorite!) And her favorite thing to do with her family is playing cars.  Still not sure why on this one! lol! They also sent home several pictures they had took throughout the year.  She looked so tiny and babyish at the begining of the year and now such a big girl.  Not sure if it is because we have another baby now or what. 

She has learned so much from going to school and I think I made the right choice of schools and sending her.  It is sad that it won't be like it was for me growing up.  I started preschool and graduated high school with most of the same people.  Lauren may never see these kids again.  Either way she is great at making new friends so she will have no problem at all!!

You can really see a tooth!

I noticed today it looked like Allison had another tooth on the bottom.  right in the middle.  Jon said it looks like one to him also.  So after seeing that one I am unsure of the other now.  I am going to see if I can feel and see the other tomorrow.  I wonder if it is just a spot in her mouth or what.  But maybe this new one is just broke through first.  Either way a tooth! lol!

Lauren's end of school year program and picnic

Today was Lauren's last day of school.  They had a little program where the 3 year olds sang a few songs and then later we all had a picnic together.   This was actually taken on tuesday while Lauren was at school then.  I was putting up her clothes and Allison was playing in her room! Allison did GREAT this morning during the singing.  She is a really good baby as long as she is feed and not tired! lol! Sadly I can not tell you what songs they sang! I couldnt understand them very good and they werent your normal songs.  I guess that is good though.  Lauren really didnt seem to be all that into it.  Of course she was the only girl in her class that wasnt wearing a dress.  I wasnt thinking about the singing I was thinking about the playing afterwards so I went with pants.  I will know better next year! Lauren was more excited about Jon coming to the picnic than anything.  I am glad he was able to take off work for a few hours to be there with us.  Having some lunch!Allison had a great time too! When I asked Lauren to move over so I could put Alli down on the blanket she told me no I want you to leave her in the stroller.  Lauren is going to be in some shock when Alli starts crawling.  Which wont be long since she is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Baby Girl and Me

"the flower needed water"

Lauren picked a weed from outside.  She came in and told me that it needed some water.  This is how she put it so it could get some!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just playing under the tree

I needed to put some clothes on the line yesterday so I put a blanket down under the tree and sat the girls there to play.  Alli wasnt so sure what to think about the grass but she loved the dogs being so close to her.  Lauren has not played with her baby dolls in months but guess what she decided to bring out today.  She also brought out her dollhouse.  Just when I was about to put it all up for Alli she starts playing with it again! Lauren was getting upset with Allison because she kept wanting the baby doll.  Here is Allison with her baby doll.  It is the perfect size for her! She fell asleep in the stroller with it the other day and it was so sweet how she was holding it. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lauren's 4th birthday pics

Lauren and me went and got balloons today and went to the park for some pictures. When we got home I took a few more and then she popped two balloons! I have lots to edit but here is one of them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture of Lauren at 7 months

Here is a picture of Lauren at 7 months old.  Still looking for the tutu pics.  Might just have to scan one.  Allison has lots more hair than Lauren did. 

Sippy cup and wagon wheels!

I decided to give Allison another try at her sippy cup and some wagon wheels last night.  The child LOVED them both! I think she would have kept eating and drinking all night long! She did super well with the sippy cup this time.  I think it helps it has the soft spout on it.  I am still nervous giving her the wagon wheels but she will take a bite and chew it and did just fine with them.  I figure she has to learn sometime and bless her heart she wants to eat what we eat so bad! Maybe soon I will start giving her some things to try. 

I did a quick photo shoot today.  I gave Alli the pearl necklace and thought for sure she would put it in her mouth but she didnt even try! Didnt even mess with it while it was on her! Then when I took it off of her she played with that thing for the longest time! She LOVES to make noise with it.  I am going to try to dig up some of Lauren's photos at this age or close to it since she also had some pics done with the same tutu on.  They look so much alike!

Tutu cute!!

027 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Quick photo shoot today!

042 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have been meaning to post these. 

Lauren 4 yrs old 40 1/2" tall and about 31 or 32lbs

Allison just had her 6 month check up friday and she is 15lbs 2oz and 26 1/2" long or 27.  The nurse first got 27 3/4" and said no let me check again and decided on 26 1/2".  Her check up was horrible b/c of the horrible doctor.  It wasnt our usual and we will never see him again.  Wouldn't have seen him if the chick would have told me he was going to be there to begin with.  Anyway I got no info about anything.  I am still thinking about going to a gastro ped to get some help with this reflux.  I keep thinking it is going to get better. 

Not sure what I am going to do when the whole separate anxiety kicks in all the way with Alli.  I can't leave the room as it is now!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lauren's birthday trip to the zoo!

Yesterday was Lauren's actually birthday.  Jon took off work and we all went the zoo.  Allison stayed at home with my Mom to make our trip more enjoyable.  We all had a great time! I didnt take too many pics b/c I had the big camera with me and I normally take alot of pictures of the animals.  Then I get home and wonder why in the world I did it so I just got a few.  Next time I will just take the small camera with us.  Lauren and me riding the train.  This cost $4! None of the animals were out.  I thought it was a waste!Lauren said it was just ok! lol! This huge sucker she wanted! At the sea lion show. At home having her birthday cupcake! Nana sang happy birthday to her and in the process Lauren almost got her hair on fire b/c she wasnt paying attention.  It sparked a little!!She said she had a great birthday! Before we left to the go the zoo, Angie our neighbor came over and got Lauren a microphone on a stand! OMG she loves it! I have to super cute video to post soon!It is hard to believe my little girl is 4 already! Time has flown by! She is becoming more and more opionated by the day! Dont have a clue where that comes from! There isnt anything she isnt good at! It is exciting to see her learn new things everyday! She is such a sweetheart.  People are just drawn to her! She has yet to meet a stranger!!

Birthday party pics!!

The pinata! I really wanted to save it but after Jon got ahold of it there was no saving it! trick candles on the cake! we had to put the table in the garage due to the nasty rain! Allison LOVES the balloons!
Lauren and her new barbie bike.  We gave this to her before everyone got there.  She rode it around the house until everyone came!