Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lauren's first day of Kindergarten!!

Today was Lauren's first day of Kindergarten! This week they have staggered enrollment so it was just 4 kids today. I was able to stay with her for an hour and half. We got a tour of the school and some other info that I needed. I could tell Lauren was nervous but she did fine. I tried really hard not to cry until I got to the truck...I tried! I just felt like I was leaving her at the hospital.  I felt so much better when she got out of school and said she had fun and was ready to go again! She said her favorite part was eating lunch! Once I came home this morning Allison raised her hands at me as to ask where Lauren was. I told her she was at school she just looked at me and went on playing.  She was glad to see her when she got home though. It is going to be a major change for us. It is nice being able to just walk her to school and back home. I say that until it is freezing outside!! Later Lauren told Jon and me that she thinks she is going to like going to school!

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