Saturday, July 31, 2010

Peek a boo

Allison has started playing peek a boo! She will put a blanket over her head and pull it off and then start laughing.  It is just precious!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Allison's 9 month check up

I took Allison for her 9 month check up yesterday.  She is 17.3lbs and 28 3/4" long! She is in the 90% for her height.  The doctor said her not really talking yet is probably due to the fact she has been so busy crawling, pulling up, crusing, and trying to stand by herself.  She thinks she will really start talking more soon.  And she is!! We got home and were eating lunch and I am certain she is saying Mama now!!! She is also saying Nana! It starts out sometimes like mamamanannnaaannaaa! Now if she would just start sleeping through the night EVERY night we would be! Allison loves to play with her toys and Lauren's toys! She isnt taking the zantac anymore and the doctor said this is usually when they grow out of it all.  She has done great not taking it! Going to keep her on the alimentum formula for the next 3 months just b/c I dont want to mess up her system.  She eats great! Alli will try anything! She also loves to take her bath and splash and I mean splash! She will get to screaming and laughing so hard when she is doing it.  I am still very much her favorite! :) She doesnt like to ride in the stroller or in the shopping cart.  She just wants me to hold her! She is into everything! She is wearing 12 month pjs and still 6 and 9 months in other things.  If it is a one piece she needs 9 months and could probably wear 12 month.  In the pic below with the shoes with the bows those are actually shoes that Lauren had when she was a year old!! They fit Alli now! I was hoping with Jon being home more then the two of them would bond more but it hasnt happened.  Allison LOVEs to dance! Everytime one of her toys plays music she begins to dance! It is so cute! She has this little pot that you put shapes in and a lid.  I will put the lid on it with the shapes and some balls in it and she loves to take the lid off take the balls out and put the lid back on backwards!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Random pics

I had to get a picture of Alli pulling up on her dresser.  I have one very similar of Lauren doing the same. The many faces of Alli! my favorite! she found the cat in the window this weekend.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lauren's parents day at dance class

Lauren had her last day of summer dance yesterday.  We were able to go and watch her.  They dont do a recital in the summer since it is so short. After watching her yesterday I really didnt think she was having a good time.  She said she wants to keep taking it though.  Of course it is my child that is told to keep her hands to herself! Silly girl! They are still uncoordinated for the most part.  There are a few olders girls in the class and you could tell how much a difference a year makes. She seemed to like the tap shoes the best. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random stuff

I cant remember if I blogged this or not but this is how I found Alli one morning.  It was a week or two ago or maybe 3 now I cant remember.  Just the girls playing in Alli's room. See she will pull up on anything.  This toy is super light so she only thinks she needs something to help her up when she was doing this all on her own! This is how Jon has been all week and will be for a few more.  Not the most fun he has ever had!!

I just love that Alli loves to eat! I made grilled chicken, sweet tater, squash, and roll for her tonight and she loved it all! Then I gave her some watermelon for the first time and she just couldnt get enough of it!! I had to get her a 12 month sleeper and it fits so much better! she is growng so fast!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BAD weekend!

****NORMALLY I dont post on things other than something to do with the Girls.  I think this effects them so I will post****
This past wknd Jon and I went up to picwick lake to celebrate a friends birthday. It was our fist wknd away since Alli has been born and a first for me to be away from her.  We headed out on saturday morning and got there at lunch.  Got on the boat and Jon and two of the other guys got on the jet skis and were going to pick up another jet ski.  not even 10 mins in the water Jon crashes the jet ski!  A wave got him and his foot got stuck in the foot part of the jet ski and it broke his ankle.  REALLY bad! After being in the water for an hour or hour in half he was finally picked up an EMT in a bass boat.  We finally got to the hospital after a long ambulance ride of Jon is some serious pain.  They got it xrayed and set it. Thank goodness he doesnt remember them setting it at all.  They kinda of knocked him out.  Then we found out it was both bones in his ankle that broke.  He had surgery sunday morning and had 5 screws put in it.  He was so out of and looked terrible.  We got home late monday afternoon and he is still in some pain.  He is going to be home for 3 wks for sure.  After that he may be able to go to work but still probably wont be able to do too much or be up on it all day.  Still will be on crutches so we will see how it goes.  Things are VERY different around here without him being able to do anything. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clapping and stairs!

Allison is clapping now! She also got up two stairs tonight! When I took her off of them and told her no she just laughed and clapped!!! She pulls up on EVERYTHING and anything with a little height on it she is up and standing! She is getting really good and at times doesnt need to hold on to anything but I dont think she has realized that yet.  The poor thing is getting carpet burns on her knees and feet from crawling! I think a good nickname for her is giggles! She does it ALL the time.  It is so cute! The Girls favorite thing to do right now is to go into Lauren's room or the playroom and play.  I think they are trying to get away from me! It is good they enjoy each other so much though.  It also helps me gets some things done!

Lauren is doing so good in dance.  She has been practicing and actually showing us some things she has learned! The other day Jon said he was flipping through the channels and turned it on a music station and Lauren told me to keep it there that it was a song they danced to in dance class.  So she got up and danced around! He video taped it.  I will try to upload it on here sometime.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quick trip to the park

On Thrusday it was so nice outside so we did a quick trip to the park.  It was Allison's first time swinging on their swing.  She liked it.  digging in the dirt!way too big for the baby swing!