Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being Silly

Just my Girls being silly today! Allison LOVES this keyboard! But Lauren does not LOVE to share it!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video of Allison laughing

Here is a video of Alli laughing.  She has been doing it all afternoon!! I am not sure what has gotten into her but I LOVE IT! It is so sweet to hear it! I was changing her diaper and she kept trying to roll over and I kept trying to get her to stop.  She was laughing so hard b/c I was having such a hard time getting her to be still! So with her laughing so hard so was I! So after the 5 mins it took me to get her dressed again I sat her down on the ground and she took off into Lauren's room! Lauren was waving the flag and Allison just got to laughing so hard! So after that it didnt matter what it was she would laugh!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First trip to the dentist and a playdate

Lauren had her first trip to the dentist yesterday.  She did great! No cavities.  They said her front tooth that is darker b/c she fell is ok.  We just have to watch it. 

Today Misty and Jackson came over and we met them at Chuck e cheese and they played and ate then came back to the house and played some.  Lauren is wore out! I need to start having her more playdates.  Allison is finally to a point to where I feel like I can do it now. I took a few pics but I havent uploaded them yet. 

Allison is 8 months old!

I am a day late posting this but things got busy yesterday! So Allison is 8 months old now! She is crawling ALL over the place, pulling up on everything she can and cruising some! I think she is going to be walking well before she turns a year old! Now if she would start talking! I read somewhere that babies can handle only one milestone at a time something like that so that is why I am not going to worry too much about Alli not babbling so much right now.  And it could be b/c Lauren talks so much Alli just never knows when to talk!! Lauren is a great big sister and so much help to me! Allison is eating great still.  So much that she doesnt want her bottle much.  That is ok with me since the formula is so high! Allison is very much a Mommy's girl.  It is so precious to watch her play and then she sees me and lights up and crawls over to me for hugs and cuddles.  She is getting sooo much better about her screaming while I am out of the room.  She just follows me now! She is also playing with her toys so that keeps her entertained.  I am going to have to go get her some toys since I have pulled down some of Lauren's old ones and well now Lauren wants them and isnt sharing.  It is hard to explain to Lauren that just b/c Allison gets something doesnt always mean that Lauren gets something also.  Allison is still waking up once a night.  We had a few days where she slept all night then up again.  She just had a growth spurt so I think all the new things she is doing is messing up her schedule.  I am ready for the sleeping all night again!!
Lauren is the only person who can get Allison to laugh really hard.  It is the sweetest sound for both of my girls to be laughing so hard at really nothing but each other!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My little Girls!!

070 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Click on the image and look at all the other pics of them!!

8 months old today!!

097 copy, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Allison is CRAWLINg!!!!!!!!

Allison started crawling today!! She actually started at my parents house today.  She crawled forward to me for like 5 steps.  I didnt think too much of it but when we got home she was ALL over this floor!! This morning she also pulled up on the learning table and walked around it to the side and grabbed the couch and started her way down to me!! I got excited and picked her up! If she gets close enough to something she is pulling up on it! I am so proud of her!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

See my teeth!

001, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

And check out her eyes! They still have the blue ring around them. Maybe it will stay!

Pulling up!

Allison is pulling up on things! She has been doing it when you hold her hands or she will grab onto my shirt and do it but today she pulled herself up on her learning table! She shortly fell over but she is getting it!! She hasnt figured out how to get her feet just right to stand there for a while.  She also crawled forward 3 times and then fell!! I thought I had it on video but turns out I didnt have it recording!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What happened?

The past 4 nights Allison has gotten up in the middle of the night.  The first 3 times Jon was still up and tried to give her a bottle and she wouldnt take it from him! I got up and she took it right away! The girl is picky!!! So last night when I went in there she was sitting up crying! It took me by surprise to see her just sitting there!  Who knows why she is waking up but I hope it stops! She has been playing pretty good the last few days by herself.  Which is nice for me.  She still would prefer to just be held all the time.  She is for sure a Mommy's girl!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Baby Bumblebee and first time swimming

I tried to get some good pics of this outfit but Alli wasnt into it.  It actually has little wings on the back! She was more interested in getting ahold of Jasmine.  Which she did and her and Lauren both played with her for awhile.  She is so close to crawling! She will move forward once or twice and then she falls.  She wants to pull up on everything! She still needs to get stronger to do it by herself. We got in the swimming pool yesterday evening.  First time Allison has been in it and she loved it! With her in the little boat thing it was basically like a walker for her.  She could reach the bottom so she thought that was great! She moved all over that pool!
Allison is a GREAT eater! She has tried several new things this week.  One was a scrambled egg yolk! She ate every bite of it and wanted more! It is great that she loves to try new things and likes them all.  It is so different from how Lauren was.  Even as a baby she didnt want to try anything new.  Allison is really wanting to and almost ready to just eat finger foods but I get scared so I am going to keep with the jar food for a little longer. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tea in the playhouse and Lauren's first day of dance

On Friday I think it was after dinner we all went out to play in the playhouse.  Allison looked so cute having some tea! Lauren was making all sorts of things for us all.  Not sure why Jon didnt get a pic of Lauren though.  Lauren's first day of dance class!!! Doesnt she look cute! I will have a chance to get some of her with her class at the end of the program.  When I picked her up the first thing she said was Mom I liked that! It was fun! They do tap, ballet, and jazz.  She said jazz was her favorite.  Next week I am going to stay there during the class so I can watch this tiny little screen to see what all they do.  I didnt know it was there until I picked her up. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Playground of Dreams

Yesterday we took the Girls to the playground of dreams in Arlington.  When we left the house it wasnt sunny and there was a breeze.  Well when we got there it was sunny and hot with a little breeze but in the playground there wasnt a breeze! So we had some lunch before Lauren went to play.  Oh this place was really big and really kinda made more for older kids I think.  Lauren did ok with it but with some kids who might not be as adventurous as Lauren they would not have liked it.  Jon obviously didnt want his picture taken! Allison and I stayed in the gazebo where it was a little cooler.  We then decided to go home and Jon and Lauren got in the pool!

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Our 5 year wedding anniversary was this past Friday.  My parents came over on Saturday to watch the Girls while we went out for the afternoon.  How bad is it when you havent been out in so long you can't figure out what to do!! So we ended up going to two movies, yes TWO and an early dinner.  Jon and I were just happy to not hear screaming and whining! :) Maybe next year we will be able to go out of town on our anniversary. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just some pics from early last week

I think these were from last week anyway.  My days and weeks tend to run together! I just had to get a show of Allison hair in the back.  I am so excited she has some hair!!!Just playing on the floor.  Notice the hair sticking up! It hardly ever lays down.  I probably could put a bow in it now! She is getting into position to crawl but she just goes backwards. She also likes to roll over to the tv thing on the bottom and start pushing buttons and turning the knob! Look at her new scrunched up face smile.  So adorable!!Lauren playing outside. 

The longest and thickest eyelashes I have ever seen!

Oh and Allison has decided that it is more fun to NOT look at me while I try to take a picture! WAY too early for that!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just a swingin!

Lauren can swing herself now!!!!!!!! It is a happy day!!! :) We have been trying to teach her how to do it for months now but wouldnt you know it she really learned how to do it from Colton!! I am so glad she can do it all by herself now!! The girl really could swing ALL day long! I will have to get a video of it soon.  There are storms rolling in right now so I decided we better come on in.  Too bad the weather cant stay nice and cool like right before a storm. 

oldie but goodie

i got this toy down yesterday for Alli and of course they both had play with it. 

Pool fun!

On Friday Nana came over with Colton and Kenton to pick up Lauren to go to the lake for the weekend. They played here for a few hours and had a blast in the pool.  Later that day Nana and Pops took the kids to look at some horses and Lauren sat on one.  This was the first time Lauren went up to the lake without us.  They did get to swim but the boat didnt work.  She ended up getting pretty sick and Jon took her the doctor on Monday and she has a sinus infection. 

Broke through!

I realized Sunday or Monday that Allison has two bottom teeth that finally broke through on the bottom. 

I let her try a few bites of a ice cream sandwich and she LOVED it! I also gave her a few bites on an Oreo.  The baby wants real food!!