Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

On Friday I took the Girls to the new park at Shelby Farms but it was so crowded we stayed just long enough for Lauren to try out the rope thing and one of the big slides.  Then we went to our usual park and had it all to ourselves!
On Saturday Nana, Pops, Colton, Kenton, and the Girls were all at the house.  Jon and I left for a wedding.  They had their Easter fun together all day.  They were all wore out!
Yesterday Lauren got up first and saw that the Easter bunny had left jellybean poop all over the house.  She just loved it! Allison saw it and began picking it up eating them! The easter bunny had given them both two plates.  Lauren pulled hers out and said "huh I got plates, you got to be kidding me!" :) I am truly afraid of what the child will say at her birthday party opening presents!! Turns out she did like the plates though! We played all morning with the new things they got.  Had some yummy lunch and watched Tangled.  Then while Allison was asleep still we went outside and got the water balloons out and new water guns.  It only took a few minutes and Lauren was soaked! All the screaming woke up Allison so when I brought her outside she was still half asleep and didnt want to get wet.  She laid on me and rested some more then she got up and played a little in the water.  She wasnt so sure what to think about us spraying each other and the water balloons.
That evening Mimi and Pawpaw came over and had dinner with us and we played outside till almost dark.

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