Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I give up

I am so exhausted! Allison is having troubles with her reflux again and that means no sleep and alot of screaming.  The only way I can get her to sleep is to wear her with the baby bjourn or carry her around till she finally passes out.  My arms hurt, my back hurts, and I am TIRED! I upped her zantac and started the prevacid today but even with that she spit up today.  We will see how it is in two weeks and if it isnt better I am going to make an appt with a GI doc.  If I can make it two wks! I just dont know what I am doing wrong or did wrong for her to be miserable all time.  Then I have Lauren who wants to play but I can't b/c I am trying to get Alli happy.  I supposse it is just a part of having two kids but I really thought it would be getting better not worse.  I could type more but well I am just too tired! So I am going to bed! At least Alli is in bed and thankfully at night she has been sleeping all night.  She just doesnt sleep during the day which means I get nothing done.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter eggs, Build a bear, and a Bunny!

Today Lauren and I dyed the easter eggs.  I only hard boiled a few since she wont eat them.  Allison was asleep until the end. This is a picture of hail we got the other day! It was crazy! After the eggs we went to build a bear to get Lauren Alvin from the chipmunks.  When the lady working there asked Lauren her name she told her but I guess she couldnt understand her for some reason so she asked Lauren to spell it.  And Lauren did!! I couldnt resist taking these of Alli!

My Lil Bunny!

Picture 604, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Look at these eyes!!

Picture 550, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

If her eyes stay like this they will be like mine just darker but still green!!

Allison 5 months old!

Picture 500, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 months old and Hungry...

I am behind on posting.  Saturday we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  We cooked out steaks and crab cakes.  It was nice outside so we played.  Before my parents got to the house Lauren and me were playing outside and I got out the badminton rackets out and tried to teach her how to play.  She kept trying but didnt do so good.  She did better hitting it behind her than in front of her! Allison really liked being on the swing! Lauren wanted Pops to keep pulling her in the wagon.  Excet she didnt want to just be pulled she wanted to go fast!

Lauren used to always say hungry like humy.  Well it just hit me on saturday or sunday that she isnt saying it anymore! She is saying hungry like normal! Her new favorite word is "actually".  She also saying fantastic alot!!

On Monday Allison turned 5 months old!! I had planned to do some pictures then but I fell down the stairs and I thought I broke my thumb or hand.  So the pictures didnt get done yet.  My hand is better really sore but I can use it.  Allison is cutting another tooth on the bottom! She is also getting up on her elbows and knees so I am thinking another month and she will be crawling.  Right now she just rolls to get to what she wants! She is doing great with grabbing things.  So well that I have to watch my cup now when I try to get a drink!! Alli is sleeping good for the most part.  We get several nights of her sleeping 7 or 8 to 7 in the morning and then a night or two she wakes up.  She just doesnt like to sleep.  During the day she will take two naps usually but they may only last 1 hour each!

Lauren went back to school today and of course I had Alli with me when I picked her up and it is so funny how everyone just loves to see her! I had one of the Mom's tell me it just makes her day go better when she gets to see Alli b/c she is always smiling and so happy.  I thought it was really sweet of her.  Alli is a pretty happy baby but boy sometimes it gets loud in here when she is upset!!! I have figured out the more she eats the happier she is!! lol!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Outside today

Alli was "talking" in the picThis is my new favorite of her! Self portrait of Lauren! She loves to take pictures! Lauren riding her little 4 wheeler.  She has outgrown this but she still wanted to ride it.  She got in the dirt and kept saying I like riding in the mud! Earlier we went around the block and she was riding her scooter.  She wrecked and I thougth oh no but she didnt cry or scrape her knee! Lauren and I were pulling weeds outside and putting them in a trash bag.  I had to come in b/c Alli woke up.  I was feeding Alli and Lauren comes in dragging the trash bag with her! She says we need to throw this away! OMG I can't believe she brought it inside!

Just random stuff

This first picture is from last week I think I sat Allison in the boppy to see if she would sit up and she did! It was like she was shocked herself in the picture! She is even better at it now!

Just a few pics of yesterday.  It was so warm we were able to pull out some spring/summer clothes.  The shirt she was wearing is actually a dress...or suppossed to be!! I tried a gymboree outfit today that is 6-12 and OMG it fits! It is a good thing I tried it on so I will know what size to buy at the consignment sale next weekend!

Then of course BUNNY EARS!! Allison didnt mind them at all!  And see the teether that Alli has in the last bunny pic.  She LOVEs that thing! Finally a teether
she likes!!

And the last picture I took and almost deleted until I saw those cute little rolls in her legs!! It is just adorable!!!!!!

The Family

I have been wanting to do this pose of all of us for weeks now. I was so excited to do it. WELL Allison wasnt! The first time we tried that morning and she screamed the entire time. We tried later in the afternoon and this was the only one that we were all sort of looking at the camera with eyes open and such! It is just way too hard to do a family picture with kids with a remote control. So I don't think I will try again! The pose didnt come out as planned either. Jon is worse than any child when it comes to pictures on me telling him how to sit or whatnot! Oh well! I will print one of these out if only to remind me DO NOT try this again!!! :) Oh and if you want to see all of Jon just click the picture.  I am not sure how to get it sized just right on here through flickr.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Allison LOVES her feet! Everytime I change her diaper or her clothes she tries to put them in her mouth.  She grabs one leg with one arm and the other arm has ahold of her toes and she tries so hard to get it to her mouth! It wont reach so I am watching her and I can't help but start laughing and she looks up at me and realizes I am watching her and she starts laughing! It is just precious! Alli has gotten sooo vocal lately.  I don't mean crying, she is "talking" it just sounds like a whine or a scream.  It is sooo loud! I can talk to her and will get to "talking" back to me and her facial expressions are just priceless!

I started feeding her 3 times a day with the baby food and it is helping with her night time scream sessions.  I still can't believe she is eating this much but she is growing so fast!

If Alli is sitting up in her highchair or on the bobby pillow she will basically sit up all by herself.  I will be making her food and turn around and she is leaning forward in her highchair.  I dont think it will be too much longer and she will be sitting up on her own all together. 

Lauren is so excited about Easter.  I got the Easter eggs down for her and Jon hide them today.  Before she asked him to hide them she told us she was going to go hide them and find them herself.  She didnt get that wasnt going to work at first! It ended with her screaming at Jon to find the last egg b/c she was frustrated she couldnt find it herself.  She didnt think to look up and not just on the ground.  I have a feeling she is going to want to hide eggs everyday until Easter!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hungry Girl! And watching some old videos!

I can not get over how much Allison LOVES to eat! Tonight for dinner she had a whole jar of carrots and a half of a jar of pears! The only reason she didnt eat more is b/c I stopped feeding it to her! I thought surely she is full! She is eating breakfast and dinner with purees and then still going strong with her formula! I think I might need to feed her some food at lunch also.  It is so weird having a baby that wants to eat! Lauren even as a baby wasnt a good eater!

The other day I got down my old dance videos for Lauren to watch since she will be taking dance this summer.  She asked which one I was and I showed her.  Then she asks where am I? I said you werent born yet.  She said oh well was Daddy in the audience watching you??!!! I said no and she asked why! I love how she thinks Jon and I have been together forever. 

I tried to get some pics of the Girls today and I was able to get one fairly good shot before Alli had a melt down! The Girl does not like pictures! She has to get out of that!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A ball player in the making??

Lauren wanted to get out her ball and bat today.  She did really good hitting it and throwing the ball! Maybe she will want to play softball.  She is so athletic! Thank goodness Jon is awesome at sports b/c I don't have a bit of that in me!!

LOVE this one!

Look at these amazing eyelashes!!!!

Matching shirts!

Picture 318b, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

I love dressing them alike!!

My Baby!

Picture 347, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

It was such a pretty day today! We played outside and went the park. I had the Girls in their matching tops so I wanted to get a few pictures today.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Allison's 4 month check up

I took Allison to the doctor today for her 4 month check up.  She is 13lbs 13oz and 24 1/4" long! She is super healthy! The doctor laughed when I told her she had 3 teeth and she looked and said oh my she does!! The doctor said to go ahead and feed her more baby food if she wants it.  And at her 6 month check up we will try to start getting her off this expensive formula.  Alli did fine with the shots.  She didnt cry after the first one but the nurse took so long to finish the others! She is wearing 6 month clothes.  She has found her voice and loves to use it!! It is kinda odd how she sounds so much like Lauren.  We are going to keep on with the reflux meds for now.  Maybe at 6 months we can get off those as well.  She is pretty happy most the of time now.  She loves to stand up and can almost do it by herself! She loves to just look around and check the world out.  Finally she has pretty much stopped getting up in the middle of the night.  Like last night she woke up sort of and Jon moved her to the middle of her bed again and he thought for sure she was getting up.  So I got up made a bottle and when I went back in her room she was falling asleep again.  She just gets to a point in the bed where she can't roll over anymore and it wakes her up.  We still have our issues in the carseat but it is slowly getting better. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A trip to Shelby Farms

Today it was so nice and Jon was off work so we decided to take the girls to shelby farms to "fish" and play.  So Lauren threw her fishing pole out several times and was ready to do something different.  We got back in the truck to go to a different part of the park and Allison started crying and didn't stop until we got home! So the trip was cut short to say the least! On friday we tried to have lunch together with the girls and well that wont happen again anytime soon either! Allison wanted a bottle and after she ate she didnt want to sit in her bumbo seat so I didnt get to really eat.  Lauren was in a mood so it just wasnt any fun! It can be so hectic with two kids! The red spot is really noticable in the pics.  The is the first time I have taken outdoor pics of her really.  Not sure if it was b/c she was hot or what.  Wonder if it will go away soon.  the doctor said it would...Dont they look happy!This is just so sweet to me.  Yep those fingers are yummy! Wonder which tooth will be next!