Sunday, October 23, 2011

Allison turns 2!!!

Allison turned 2 yesterday! We had a princess themed party since she loves anything and everything that is pretty and sparkly! I made the cake and some cookies. I had Jon hang some balloons for her to wake up to. She loveed them! We got her a bitty baby twin and I have been so excited to give it to her so I let her open it up shortly after we woke up. She loves her! I was a little afraid at first because she pulled her out and was all excited and then put her back in the bag!! But we also got her a stroller and that is a huge hit! She has carried her pretty much everywhere once she started playing with everything. She even took her outside and took her shoes off to bounce in the bouncy house. It was so cute! Now that Allison is playing with the doll and fixing its hair and changing it clothes now Lauren wants to do the same. She had a great birthday and great party! They have both been checking out all the new toys! Allison is very slow at opening up everything. Once she opens it she wants to play with it right then!

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