Monday, September 28, 2009

Doc appt--36wks this week!!

This Wednesday I start my 9th month!!!!!! I am glad she didnt want to come early but I am really ready for her to be here now! I am sick of looking at all the tiny baby clothes and stuff and not using them!! So I had a doctor's appt today and I am no where near close! NOTHING! All this pain for NOTHINg! She said alot could change in a week though. I am thinking that I will schedule the c-section instead of just waiting to see if I go into labor. She said Allison is at a diagonal still but at least head down. She also said that they may do an ultrasound closer to my due date to see size and if she is like 8lbs then I may want to do a c-section anyway. From all I have read I am thinking that just going ahead and having another section is going to be best but we will see. I am not looking forward to these weekly doctor visits!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nice day and an artist in the making?

It was so pretty today so we played outside. I wanted to play with my Mom's camera some more to see if I wanted to get one or not. So Lauren said she wanted to take pics too. I gave her our old point and shoot that I use for little videos still and she did pretty good. The first 3 pics she took! Now I did have alot of just the grass or the back end of the dogs.

This is a hat that she got yesterday at Disney on Ice. I didnt get a pic of yesterday so we had to get a few today.

This one is from this morning. Isnt it sweet!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disney on Ice pics!

This first pic Lauren was posing for me since I was using my Mom's new little point and shoot camera. I was afraid they wouldnt let me in with mine. I will say I am so used to my camera and having to adjust so many settings and what not that it took me several minutes to figure out just where the shutter button was on her camera!! It is a good little camera! I think I may need one to keep in my purse!!

This is right before we left to go. And the next pic we are there and she has her light up magic wand she picked out.

STanding in front of Belle's dress.

In front of Snow Whites dress!

Cinderella waving at all the little girls.

Show is starting!!

Sure wish I could have read the book on the camera first b/c I could have adjusted the settings to make some of these better.

Eating her popcorn while watching the show!

This fairy which was mother nature I think...I will have to ask Lauren! lol! Anyway the dress was so pretty!!!

Disney on Ice

Disney of Ice came to town this weekend. I have wanted to take Lauren since I knew I was pregnant with her! It was amazing!!! My Mom got the tickets and she was going to go with us but she woke up sick this morning! On her birthday too! So Jon's Mom went with us. It was so great to watch Lauren light up and recongize the characters. We got Lauren all dressed up in her princess dress she wanted to wear. I am in no shape to be walking the stairs so we had an escort on the floor and then up to our seats which were two rows off the ice! I had contractions the entire time but it was worth it! I will just lay around tonight and tomorrow. Lauren wanted some popcorn and she ate like half of this huge box! It was a great show and I cant wait till the come back and I get to take both girls!!!! I will post the pics in another post here in a bit!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A B C's!

Lauren has this little Barbie computer game thing. It does letters and shapes. She has been playing the letter game and she was getting them all right! So today I got her two new outfits and she told me every letter that was on the tag! Now I still cant get her to sing the alphabet song but she does know the letters when she sees them!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I decided to cook breakfast this morning and was going to try chocolate gravy. Just so happens I had Lauren get Jon out of bed to help me get it all ready and all of a sudden I saw alot of smoke on the stove so I got up and by the time I got there it was on FIRE!!! I was like JON we have FIRE! I didnt know what to do! He got some baking soda out of the fridge and put it out so it didnt ruin our breakfast! All I was thinking was OMG I still have time to get Lauren outside! Thank goodness Jon was in there. He is used to dealing with fires with his last job so it didnt freak him out like it did me!! lol!

So the chocolate gravy was good but Lauren would NOT try it! I will be glad when this phase is over with!! I knew better than to eat too much of it b/c it was sweet! But I am glad I tried it though. Jon really liked it.

We took some pics of the 3 almost 4 of us today. I figured we needed to try to get some since this may be the last wknd Jon is home before Allison arrives!! I would share but they arent the best I have ever done! It is something I can show Allison when she is older. I have learned my lesson with trying to do our own family pics. So I have a friend that will hopefully be able to do them for us once Allison gets here!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Good doctor appt maybe not having a c-section?!

I am sort of freaking out here! All this time I was thinking that I was going to have to have another section b/c the nurse practioner told me I would. But my doctor said today since all is going so well with the pregnancy I can basically choose if I want to do another one or try for a vbac! In so many ways I woud like to try for a vbac but at the same time I am scared that it will end up another section. She said if I go into labor on my own then trying for the vbac would be best. And if I go into labor at 36wks on then they will not stop labor! Which would be great! Then of course she goes on to say but if you go over you due date and I am like WHAT? over! She will not induce but if I wanted to just go ahead with the section then that would be fine. So we will see how it all works out.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jon takes some pics!

She wanted me to take a picture of her panda bear on her head?! lol!

This black and white one is my favorite!

Jon went outside to take some pics of some things to put on cl to sell and Lauren went with him. They were out there a long time and I was getting a bit nervous about my camera being gone so long! Well turns out Lauren told Jon he needed to take some pictures of her!!! I taught her well!! So she was riding her bike and she started posing for him! Just a natural model I think!! When they came in and told me I asked her if she wanted to do a photoshoot tomorrow and she said "YES, I sure do want to!!" So I guess we will do one tomorrow!

Jon took some good pics I just wish the camera had been on the right setting. I tried to edit them the best I could. My Girl is just so pretty!!!