Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Already saw Santa!

Yep! We have already went and saw Santa and it is not even Thanksgiving! I figured it was be a much shorter line and Jon wanted to go and was able to this past weekend so we went! Problem was on the bass pro website it said santa was there 7 days a week. NO WHERe did it say he wasnt going to get there until noon! We got there at 10:30! Jon is not used to being with the Girls that much and certainly not taking them in a store so he was kinda freaking out! So we did play for a little bit but then Jon wanted to go home until noon. We came back and just had a wait a little bit. Allison was NOT going to sit on his lap. I didn't expect her to but I wanted her in the pic so Jon held her. At first she wouldnt look at the camera and then he said I will get you a piece of candy and then she turned and smiled! Lauren told Santa what she wanted: Fiji friend and ice cream maker...only because she had just saw the commerical for the ice cream maker. Then yesterday she says she wants an American Girl doll and accessories and matching clothes and for me to email Santa if I can! Thank goodness this morning she said it was ok to wait till her birthday for those. It is so cute to see them all excited about it.

Allison is coming into her terrible twos something awful!! On Sunday while I was trying to get her dressed she would not listen to me and she put her hands over her ears and looked at me and just smiled! She is a mess!!!