Thursday, April 7, 2011

Parent teacher confernce

I had Lauren's parent teacher conference today.  It went great! She said she is ready for kindergarten! But she would rather me just keep her with her! I told that is what I would prefer as well! She said Lauren's best quality is her confidence.  She said she has no problems telling you how she feels and what she likes or does not like.  Her teacher said that is a good thing and to keep up whatever we have been doing to let her have such confidence.  She also said Lauren is definitely more on the tomboy side than the girly girl! :) She said her writing and reading skills are right on track and to not push it. Just let Lauren decide when she wants to do it.  Her teacher also said her teachers will love Lauren because since she will tell them what she feels they know she is ok with things instead of wondering what the kid that won't speak is feeling.  I am glad she is ready for to get me ready for it!!

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