Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Weekend!

We have had a great weekend! It was busy but so much fun! Friday I took the girls to the park for a bit and then we just played outside in the backyard the rest of the afternoon and evening. Lauren has finally figured out how to swing herself on the swing! She was on the swing for it had to have been an hour going so high! Friday night Jon was going to install another radio in my truck so the Girls wanted to get in the truck with him and they had so much fun just sitting in the front seat of the truck!  On Saturday we got up and we went and took some pictures.  It was chilly but it warmed up by the afternoon.  We cooked hot dogs and marshmellow that night and enjoy the weather.  Then today we got up and decided to go play putt putt.  It was the girls first time.  Lauren liked it but she got bored kinda fast.  She plays alot like me in the sense when she doesnt get the ball to go where she wants it she moves it herself and makes up her own score! :) Allison liked it at first but she got hot and hungry towards the end.  She liked throwing the ball and dropping in it the hole.  We can back and ate lunch and then walked to the school and Lauren flew her kite.  Then after Allison woke up from her nap we all went for some ice cream.  All the pics to it all will be on this site.

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