Sunday, March 13, 2011

I can't hear you...

that is what Lauren has been saying to us alot this past week.  We blew it off at first and then got worried but then thought no she is faking it.  I even talked to her teacher and she said no she didnt do it once in class.  Lauren has had this cough and running nose for over a month now.  I figured it was the start of allergies.  I went ahead and took her in Friday to see what the doctor said.  On the way there Lauren tells me well sometimes I just dont want to hear you! So I thought it was going to be a waste of co-pay and time.  The nurse took a look in her ears and said no infection or at least not a very bad one then he did the hearing test and she failed on both ears! I was shocked and felt so awful.  The doctor came in and said there was fluid on her ear but not infected but it will still cause her to not hear good.  She also thinks that the allergies caused a sinus infection.  So she is taking Singular now and antibotics for two wks.  Then I will take her back and see if she passes the hearing test.  So hopefully once the Singular starts to work the cough and running nose will go away also. 

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