Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pics of the breakfast

Princess Breakfast

This morning Lauren and I went to the princess breakfast. She was so excited to pick out her dress this morning and get ready. Now I dont consider myself to be a huge girly girl but I do like girly things. I guess I should change a bit being as I am about to have two little girls looking up to me for things but when I am just sitting at home I see no point to do make-up and things. So with that said and it being the first time Lauren and I have done anything like this breakfast I just assumed that it would be sort of simple with the little girls dressing up. I was wrong!! lol! Lauren's dress is big on her so I just had her in regular clothes underneath but she was the only one! All the rest had mostly disney dresses on and some serious princess shoes! I will know next time! One little girl came up to Lauren asking which princess she was and neither of us had an answer. Lauren isnt all into the disney princesses yet. She knows most of them by name but she is just starting to get into dressing up and stuff. Lauren had picked out her dress from tj maxx and it is like a barbie dress so not really a princess I guess. So anyway we got in there and she got her nails painted, eye shadow on, lip gloss, and a star on her face. They had this box of wands, tiaras (but Lauren already had one on), and jewerly they could put on. They ate breakfast and Lauren eats so slow so she was rushed for the most part and was still hungry! She kept telling me but mommy I want to eat more!! Poor thing! Then they got there pics made with Mrs. Potts and princess belle. Lauren did alot of looking around like what is going on here but it was fine. Then they did a craft project where she made a picture frame for the pic of them together. Then they did a game to get a piece of candy then storytime. Lauren was more interested in her candy than the story. Then it was time to dance. Lauren did not want to dance??!! I could believe it. Like on the last song she was getting into it a bit. I think it was just all so new she wasnt sure what to do. She did tell me she had a good time. And she wanted to call her Daddy and tell him all about it!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Princess dress up!

Yesterday I told Lauren we were going to go sign her up for the princess breakfast on saturday so she wanted to get all dressed up before we went! She also choose the accesories she wanted! Also you see the color of the new playroom!!

Chuck E Cheese

excuse the blurry pics. I took them from my phone.

I took Lauren to Chuck E Cheese today since we had left over tokens from like last year when my parents took her. I have been feeling gulity since we havent played outside much since it is so hot so I wanted to do something for Lauren today. She had a blast! I did too!! She went from game to game and did really well on all of them! She had to have this cup that looks like a mouse when you drink it. I just couldnt say no! lol! We get free refills if we bring it back. I think we will start trying to go more often. Even though it is expensive to eat there! When we left she told me thank you mommy that was sweet of you!! She is just so precious!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Had another check up

I went to the doctor on Monday and all was well. She said my sugar was high but it always is. I have to do that yucky glucose test next month. I met with the insurance lady there and we will be having Allison at Baptist Women's. I am sure it will be fine. I just sort of freaked out when seeing it on paper that there isnt much time left! I am so NOT ready yet! Maybe the bigger I get then I will be more ready!!

Today my Mom got the playroom and Allison's room painted. It looks so good! Now Jon has to do the floor in the playroom. Hopefully this week he will do that. I will take pics of them when they are all done.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just some stuff

This past saturday night Lauren stayed at my parents house and they took her to farmfest this carnival cook out thing. Her and my Dad rode all the rides they could! She loves to go fast! She had alot of fun. Earlier that day my Mom heard Lauren in the other room talking and playing on their phone. Lauren usually does this so my Mom didnt think too much about it then she went in there to check on her and Lauren had pushed the redial button and called my sister in law and was just talking away to her!!! She then called her back yet again! lol!

I keep wanting to do a video of Lauren saying suppossed to. It is so cute how she says it. It is so cute to hear her say that isnt possedd to do that! That is kinda how she says it. I will have to work on getting the video of it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cinderella paints Lauren's nails!

Today there was this sort of arts and crafts show and we ran up there to check it out. Cinderella was there and she painted Lauren's nails, put make up on her and put a cute star on her face! It was so cute! Lauren really enjoyed it! I didnt have my camera with me but I took a pic with my cell phone but of course I dont have a clue how to get it on the computer??

Yesterday she was with her Mimi and they went shopping for Allison. It is so cute that Lauren is so excited about getting things for her baby she says!! I am glad she is excited about it and I hope it stays that way! She calls it her baby and I think that is great!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The best way to wake up!

Lauren came in my room this morning and climbed in to bed with me and cuddled up and said "Mommy you are the best Mommy ever"!!! It just brought tears to my eyes! Then she said "Daddy is my best Daddy too"!! She is just so sweet!! Then she said ok get up and let's make muffins!!! lol!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just the girls!!

Picture 159, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Next time I will make sure Jon is around to get in the pics!!

20 wks today!!!

Picture 150, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

I thought Lauren and I should take a few pics since today marks 20 wks for me!! I am half way there!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lauren counted!

Lauren knows her numbers but she always forgets one or puts then in the wrong order. Well today she just started counting this thing and counted all the way up to 8 all by herself!!! Then when I asked her to do it again she left out a number but that is still good!!! She has known her colors for sometime now. It is just amazing at how fast she picks things up and remembers them! Wish my memory was as good as hers!!! It will be awesome to watch her when she goes to pre-school this fall!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swimming pool!

Just blowing bubbles!

I ran into Walmart today and saw those blue plastic pools and thought you know Lauren needs that!! lol! So I got her one. You should have seen me carrying this big ol thing and then trying to stuff it into my truck!! Got it home and Lauren had to get into right then! I wish I had taken a video of her splashing. It was so funny how she was doing it. Jon told her go jump in well she tried to jump in didnt work out so well but she just laughed.

Monday, June 1, 2009

We have decided on a name!

I never thought that naming our second baby girl would be so hard! We had already decided on a first name but was having a hard time with a middle name. Last night as I was trying to sleep I was thinking of my Brother and the name just sort of popped into my head. Who knows maybe it was Scott's idea! Anyway I said it out loud and LOVED it! I went and told Jon and he LOVED it so there we have it! Our new baby girl is named! I can now start looking for monogramed things!!


I told Lauren this morning and she LOVED it also! But of course she told me we will call her Allison!!! Lauren is going to be a great big sis!

Pink bouncy castle!

Yesterday we decided to get Lauren's bouncy castle and have a cook out since it got rained out on her birthday. It would have been much more comfy weather wise on her birthday. Yesterday was 90 something degrees! Way too hot! Jon put a fan in the castle to try to help. Lauren was so excited to see it blown up. Jon and I both thought that the kids would not want to get out of it but they just sort of got in and out and werent over the moon about it. Someone said it was probably due to the backyard having so much to do!! lol! Lauren ended up getting sick! :( She was running fever and felt horrible. At least she had fun before she started feeling too bad. Today she seems all better. I am hoping her fever doesnt come back up.

I think they all 3 got in the castle and jumped and whatever but I was inside with Lauren so I didnt get to tape it. I did watch Jon flip and flop in it by himself. I didnt know he could do a flip b/c he wanted to!! lol!

Lauren doing a flip!

She woke up this morning and wanted her pink bouncy castle again! If we ever do that again we will make sure it isnt hot outside!!!