Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

TWO steps!!!

Allison took two steps today! We were in my bedroom and I was sitting on the bed putting my socks on and she was crusing down the bed to me and she started just standing there and I held out my hands to her and she took the two steps!! I was so excited I scooped her up and she just looked at me like what?? lol!! Now we will see how long it will be before she will do it again!! She is really enjoying just standing there all by herself!! Such a big girl!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Standing up!!

Allison stood up all by herself today!! She is getting so good at it! She wasnt scared today when she did it.  She just slowly sat back down after a bit. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the couch, and outside!

Here are a few pics of Allison doing her new favorite thing.  Playing on the couch with the remotes! She will come over to me like she wants to snuggle but then she pulls back and smiles and falls over on the couch! If I put her down then a fit it promised! She is getting way too good with these fits! I am talking about kicking and screaming fits! A picture Lauren took! It has been nice outside in the evening so we have been going out swinging and playing! I let Allison slide down the slide with my help and she just sat there and didnt know what to think about the grass.  As you can see she isnt a fan! She wouldnt put her other foot down!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Allison is 10 months and Lauren gets a mani/pedi!

Yesterday Allison turned 10 months! Time to start thinking about her first birthday party! I am hoping to do some outdoor pics this week.  We will see how it works out! Allison is all over the place! She has gotten to where she will start crawling really fast and just keep her head down.  I am afraid she is going to run into something! She is now "talking" up a storm! She did say Dada this morning!! She still hasnt realized that if she wants to stand up alone she can.  It is amazing at how she can entertain herself.  She loves her toys! And Lauren's toys!!

Yesterday Mom came over and we did some shopping.  We also went and got pedicures and we picked up Lauren and let her get her nails and toenails painted!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dance starts again!

Lauren started dance again yesterday! I actually forgot to get a picture of her! She has the same teacher as she did in the summer but just all new classmates.  She said she had a good time yesterday!

Maybe changing preschool classrooms! I got a letter in yesterday from the preschool saying they are changing Lauren to another classroom.  I am actually waiting right now to see if she will stay in the room she has already been to once or the new one.  If it is the new one there will only be one other little girl in the room she knows.  The preschool really screwed up something this year when it came to putting kids in the classes appartently!

Allison is "talking" up a storm now! She still prefers to say mamamama!! But we have been working with her on saying dada.  Jon says he thinks she has said it a few times.  Allison has still been getting up once everynight.  We might have two days a week I dont have to get up with her.  I really dislike being woke up! I sure hope she grows of it soon!

The girls were playing with the keyboard and microphone and I thought for sure it was Lauren making noises into the microphone but it was Allison! They sound so much alike!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Park, First day of Preschool, dragon friends, and shoelaces!

The weather has cooled down enough to at least go outside in the early morning so off to the park we went Monday.  Allison as you can see had the teether in her mouth the entire time! The second top tooth is breaking through.

I have a video of this of Allison doing so good walking with Daddy's help!

Here is Lauren before school this morning!! Her class has almost all of the kids from last year in it! She was so excited! I think her teachers are going to be great this year also.  For me it really makes me happy she has kids she already knows in the classroom.  I grew up with always knowing kids in my classrooms and next year it is going to be a whole new world for Lauren. 

A few months ago Jon took Lauren to see the movie how to train a dragon.  Ever since then Lauren says that her dragon friends are coming over.  These dragon friends go with us everywhere!! Little things like these is what I want to make sure I write down so she can read it later.  I know I wont remember it if I dont write it down. 

Allison was holding onto Jon's shoelaces this afternoon just standing there.  And as soon as I was telling Jon to look down at her she realized oh I am standing without holding onto anything.  She dropped the shoelaces and she fell down!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brown eyes!

034, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

New dress!

065, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Just a short photoshoot with a pretty new dress for Lauren!

bouncy ball!

Look what Allison can do when she wants to! I would prefer to hold it for her anyway!Lauren got the bouncy ball out Friday night before bed and Allison just loved it! If I would stop bouncing her she would start bouncing herself!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top tooth day!

I knew Alli had been drooling and chewing like crazy and yesterday she started grinding her teeth together.  As I was telling Jon I thought how is she grinding her teeth without any top teeth! Jon said he thought he saw a tooth.  I had seen the looks of it starting to but didnt think it had but it has almost broke all the way through! I thought to myself I should get more pics of the Girls playing together and just together in general.  So I started snapping pics.  Well Allison really LOVES my camera.  I think it is hte colorful camera strap.  She makes a beeline for me everytime I get it out! So I was trying to keep her far enough away from me to get a picture and try to Lauren in the pic.  Well Allison kept crawling away from Lauren! So we moved to the chair for a quick second. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

random pics

Lauren decided to dress up in her own special way!Allison found a comfy spot!Lauren is kissing her arm. She is a moving!Look at the tongue sticking out!Allison has figured this little train out.  You push the button to make it go or make noise and she loves doing it.  It is so cute to see this tiny little finger push the button! She is so smart!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Allison pushing the stroller

Walking with a walker and my child did what!

I have been busy and forgot to post these! I have a video to upload soon of Allison walking with her stroller push walker toy.  She is getting really good at it.  She started playing with it last weekend.  She still gets to going a little fast and falls but she just laughs.  This morning I sat her down after breakfast and she stood there by herself for a few seconds until she realized what she was doing!

This past week Lauren and I went to sign up for dance and I needed to get some groceries afterwards.  Lauren didnt want to go in the first place and was being whiney.  We have really had some problems with her attitude lately.  So she was acting up in the store to being with.  She wanted to push the cart and started running with it and about knocked over a display! Then I got on to her and she was just barely pushing it so I made her stop and I started pushing it and then she runs out in front of the cart! Then we are at the check out and I am unloading the groceries and I see she has a little book and I tell her to put it up next thing I see is her pulling her shirt down and I knew she had put it in her shorts!!!!!! OMG I was sooo mad! I told her to take it out and put it up.  We got in the car and I explained to her why it was wrong to do what she did.  No tv, games, or leapster all night! Jon talked to her about it and was asking her why she did it and she said oh I got confused.  Then she started ignoring him and well that ended up in a spanking.  I am just not sure what to do with this child! I dont know if this is her acting out due to Allison or her age but I am so over it! She even screamed for the longest time just because we wanted her to eat a carrot or a piece of corn!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I tried to get some good pics, pool, and pizza

With this heat outside pics just arent happening right now! So I decided to try for some inside in the play room.  Well Allison is moving so much and so busy by the time I got ready to take the picture she was off and crawling! Lauren didnt want to smile.  So I got the puffs out and that kept Alli still long enough for a few but it still isnt what I want.  I may try again soon.  I was wore out from the little photoshoot that only last about 20 mins!

We got a free pool from a family members friend.  It is tough since Jon can't do anything but I knew Lauren was excited and wanted to swim so me, my Dad, and Terrell did all we could to get this thing up and running.  After moving it and filling it up with water twice it still isnt right!! It is very large with the pump and goodies.  The ground still isnt level enough so it is still messed up and the hose has a leak in it.  I guess we just arent meant to have a pool right now! :)

Saturday Lauren was with Mimi and Pawpaw and Jon and I have been feeling couped up in this house so we decided to go out for lunch.  We went to a pizza buffet place and Allison had her first piece of cheese pizza.  She ate all of it! Then some watermelon and ice cream! She had a really good time watching all the people around here.  It was a very nice relaxing lunch! It is great now we can go places and not worry so much about Alli screaming the entire time!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010