Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recap of what has been going on here

Lauren had her end of year carnival at school yesterday.  The kids had so much fun! It was pretty warm outside so we cut the playing outside a little short and they played in the classroom. Lauren got her face painted! Still hard to believe she is done with preschool and ready to move on to kindergarten!

A few sunday mornings ago we got up and went to the park at shelby farms.  It wasnt so crowded so the girls were able to play for a few hours.  It was fun! Allison loved sliding down the big slides! Lauren found a friend of hers that is in her preschool class and they played together.

Lauren had a ballgame last night and we took her friend Gracin with us.  After the game we went and had pizza.  They had so much fun! They were able to make their own pizzas! It is so funny to listen to two 5yr olds talk about things!

Here is the link to lots of new pics.

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