Saturday, October 30, 2010

All about Allison

Allison has started throwingfits! She will get mad b/c you take something away from her or if she can't get you to do what she wants.  She will throw herself backwards and scream!! I have finally gotten her in a good nap routine daily! Allison has also started stomping her foot! If you tell her no she will turn to you and stomp her foot! We have been playing alot in the playhouse and we pretend to eat now she will take a cup or plate or whatever and pretend she is eating and make noises like I do.  It is so cute! She is getting really attached to her blanket now.  She also will take one of her stuffed animals and carry them around the house and give them all hugs.  She now gets super excited when Jon comes home! I am going to say that Alli's first word if Hello.  She says it the most of any other word.  She said cracker last night and shoe the other day. She also shakes her head no mostly and knows it means no but if you shake your head yes she will do that but I dont think she understands it yet.  I know there is more so I will be adding to this post as I have time!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween costumes

Here are the Girls in their halloween costumes!!

Halloween stuff

On Saturday afternoon we took the Girls to our gym for a halloween party.  Turns out it wasnt much of a party but still.  We only spent like 10 mins there.  In the gym was a few so called games nothing that Lauren could do and they had a few people giving out candy in the parking lot.  The Girls were wore out from the party so it worked out ok.  Lauren got all shy when it came time to get candy but she did ok after a few.

The Girls with the carved pumpking and spirit jugs.
Allison really loves her new chair/couch!

Jon working hard on carving the pumpkin!

Yet again this year she wouldnt stick her hand in the pumpkin to clean it out!!

The final product! Lauren picked out the face she wanted for it and Jon had to freehand it since it wasnt big enough.  I think he did a great job!

Pictures of Allison's Birthday Party

You should be able to click the link and it take you to the pictures from Allison's and Kenton's birthday party.  The party was great! We had amazing weather for it!

On Friday Allison's actual birthday we played outside all morning and then decided to get lunch and go to the park and eat it.  We played at the park for a bit and then came back for Allison's nap.  When she got up we had to run to pick up the balloons and cake.  Got back home and had pizza and played with her pony and new phone. 

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go get the cake redone once I got home everyone was up and we got ready for the party.  I really thought Allison was going to want to open the presents when she saw them but she just wanted to sit on her new chair.  She loves that thing! It is perfect for her to lay on and roll around and not worrying about her falling off like she tries to do on the couch! She got so many cute things for her birthday! She didnt want to really open them but once they were out she was all over them.  She did much better with her cake than she did on her cake smash session.  She was so tired I was afraid she would cry again and not eat it but she ate a good bit of it. 

My Dad had went and picked up this little 4 wheeler for the kids for him to keep at his house.  They were all excited but I dont think they are really ready for it.  Colton did pretty good but Kenton is too small for it still.  Lauren was scared to give it much gas...thank goodness!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Allison's first time coloring!

Allison colored for the first time earlier this week! Everytime she would make a mark on the page she would giggle! It was so cute!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Breakfast of champions!

This morning Allison apparently didnt want to wait on me to cook breakfast.  She opened the cabinet and pulled out a opened Nutty Butty and started eating it! Everytime I tried to come toward her she would run from me!! She really wanted that nutty butty! She has been doing it alot lately going to the cabinet and getting a snack she wants and bringing it to us to open.  I let her eat it well she ate half of it and then her eggs were ready and she didnt want it anymore after that.  Then she ate a bowl of cereal.  So I knew she would still eat the good food so I didnt mind her eating it.  It was just so cute how she was determined to eat it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting ready for halloween

Today Lauren and me decorated our spirit jugs.  I will show off the final product on Halloween!

Alli helping out!

We went to the corn maze and pumpkin patch today also.  The corn maze wasnt much fun.  Alli could hardly walk in the stuff and Lauren didnt really enjoy it either. Wish we would have went to the usual pumpkin patch we have been going to but we wanted to try something different this year.  And this is the only place that has HUGE pumpkins for super cheap!

Look at how huge these things are!

Allison had alot of fun playing with the pumpkins.  I think she liked them since they were so cold to touch.

The 50lb pumpkin we picked out! Yeah we may regret it when it comes time to carve it!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

No more bottle

Allison is no longer taking her bottle.  Today was the first full day without it.  She has been taking just the one before bed but has only been drinking about 3 ozs so I decided to give it a try without it tonight and she did just fine.  My Baby is growing so fast!

Last night before bed the Girls were playing in Lauren's room with necklaces and they each had several on and I took them all off before I put Allison to bed.  This morning the first thing Allison did was go in Lauren's room and put them all back on! Funny how they remember things. 

Allison is talking so much more now.  She says Momma, Dada, hello, night night, and tonight she said uh oh! I really do think that the reason she doesnt "talk" so much is due to the fact Lauren NEVER stops! Allison is learning to just talk over her!!

just me and Alli taking some pics while Lauren was at school

just love this picture! She looks so much older than one though :(

Here Alli was playing with my Moms iphone and she loves to push the botton on it.  Turns out she kinda messed it up! But it was an easy fix!!

Tonight while the Girls were in the bath Lauren was going to tell Allison a secret and Allison actually leaned in to get closer to hear her! it was so cute!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just playing this past week

Allison and her pink blankie! She puts it in her mouth like Lauren used to!

Playing outside in the playhouse.  This is Allison favorite thing to do! She was sweeping!

So proud of herself being able to get in the chair and sit down!

About to go run errands but they looked so cute! Both in their sparkle shoes.  Lauren wanted to wear a hat!

We had lunch in the playhouse!!

Lauren took this picture of Allison.