Sunday, December 27, 2009

more pics

Look at my pretty girl!
Allison with Pops (my Dad). Jon actually was playing with my camera and took this one and a few others! My big bad new camera! I also got a little Kodak point and shoot camera so now I have a camera for all my needs! If I have my hands free then I will never miss another photo opportunity ever!!

Allison sleeping in her crib!! She slept so good! And as I type this she is sleeping in there again. I still want her in our room but I think she likes the more room. I put up her bassinet today since she hasnt sleep in that in weeks. We still have the pack n play bassinet up though. We will see what she wants to do for tonight if she wants to sleep in her crib or what. I got her this sleepy time sheep for christmas and she seems to really like it. I also got her this fisher price doll that is a fairy and it is so cute I will see if I cant find a picture of it but she loves the thing! Everytime I show it to her she just smiles and bats at it to make it rattle!

The Girls on Christmas eve.

Lauren trying out her new roller skates!! She loves them!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My favorite people!

The 3 loves of my life!!!

Jon and Allison

I did this for Jon's Mom.

Lauren, Allison, and Me

Picture 240, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

A picture I did for my Mom

Allison and Me

Picture 245, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

few pics from christmas

Here is Lauren on christmas morning

Jon opening up his ps3 he was so surprised to get it!

Allison taking a quick nap on christmas morning before we left

Lauren posing for me on christmas morning so I could try out my new camera!!

I have more pics to upload but I am having issues with them so I will add more tomorrow.


Christmas around here was great! It was rough at the same time. It would have been so much better with Scott there.

We started Christmas eve with Jon's side of the family. I forgot my camera but I wouldnt have been able to get many pics anyway. Allison was so fussy and just had way to much. She is just too young to be going all over the place and be around so many people. She was on major melt down both days for the most part. She get overstimulated very easily so all these folks talking to her and in her face just didnt work. Funny how a crying baby will run everyone off!! lol! It is such a fine line with her between enough and way too much. Doesnt help she HATES to ride in a car! And she still has horrible gas that bothers her alot. She has slept for most of the day today. A good amount of the day she slept in crib! I am so not ready to put her in there at night! Christmas morning Allison was up at 8:30 and Lauren still wasnt up! So Allison and I went in there and woke her up. Once I said dont you want to see what Santa brought you she jumped out of the bed! I have never seen an child be so slow at unwrapping presents. She opens it and looks it over and wants to open it right then! It took awhile for her to open hers and Allison's gifts. Lauren's favorite by far is her Zhu Zhu or zooy pet she calls it! We played around here for a bit and then headed to my parents house for the rest of the day.

Today Lauren and I spent all day long taking toys out of their packages and sorting things all out. I didnt even get to Allison's toys yet! My house is a wreck and I am so ready to get all this christmas decorations and tree put up!

OH I had the BEST surprise on christmas morning. Jon got me a D90!! I have been wanting one since they came out and just really didnt think we would ever be able to afford one. In all the years we have been together he has never surprised me with a gift. I have always told him what I wanted and half the time I even order it or buy it. He got me good this year! I was really afraid he was going to buy me a toaster! lol!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lauren's Christmas party and Allison is two months old!

Allison is two months old today! I also had to put all the newborn size clothes up today. And I can't help but be sad about it. It is so funny how one week something doesnt fit and the next it fits great! Lauren is even outgrowing her 3t shirts! Somehow that always happens. In the middle of the season she outgrows a size! Allison is doing fairly well with sleeping at night. We get a good 6 hours usually. Allison is a smiley girl when she is feed and happy! The gas still bothers her so sometimes it gets pretty loud at our house!! Lauren will sometimes say "Allison always cries" and somedays it does feel like that. It is getting better though. She loves her pacifier when she is sleepy. I said I would never use one with my kids but I dont think I could live without it either!!

Lauren had her preschool chistmas party on tuesday and I was able to go since my Mom came over and watched Allison. It was great to be able to go up there. Lauren was really excited about it. The first pic it at the preschool they had all sorts of lights set up. I didnt get a very good pic since there was so many people walking through it.

LOOK she is eating pizza! And she ate it ALL! She will NOT eat pizza when we get it at home!?

Just a few of Allison I took this morning. She wasnt much into pics so I only got these. I may try tomorrow for some more. I was working so hard to get her to smile and well she just wasnt having it!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Matching cuties!

My Grandmother found these matching dresses for the Girls and they wore them to a birthday party for the family yesterday.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lauren's School Christmas Program

I had to add these two cute pics of Allison in a new outfit and hat that was given to us. The hat is sooo soft! She feel asleep shortly after this. Maybe the hat made her all warm and cozy!

Lauren had her first preschool christmas program friday night. She was so excited about it all day long. She kept telling me I am going to dance and sing tonight! They sang several songs and Lauren did great! You will see in one pic she is frowning I think this is when she was looking for Jon. He moved with the video camera to get a better view of her. It was a good thing the school had a background tape going with some of the songs b/c otherwise no one would have been singing!! lol! It was really sweet to see her up there. At the same time it makes me sad b/c she is growing up. She loves to sing so she had a great time up there! On the way to the program she kept singing 99 ants on the wall. And I mean she was saying "99 ants on the wall" over and over again!

Hey Momma, Daddy, Pops, and Uncle Jeff!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Girls under the tree!

Picture 205a, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

They are wearing sort of matching pjs. Lauren has some pants and top that matches exactly but I thought the dress would do for a better pic. Lauren thought it was the funniest thing to hold Allison. She kept saying her hair was ticking her. Allison liked being held by her big sister! I wish I had some sort of table to sit them on so I could get more lights behind them.

Just Beautiful!

Picture 203a, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

Starry Nights and Storytime

A few nights ago we took the Girls to see Starry Nights. It was nice. Lauren enjoyed it. Allison slept of course. Lauren got kinda bored with it towards the end. Then we went to look at a few other lights on some houses well Lauren fell asleep and I tried to wake her up when we got to the house that does it to music. I finally woke her up and she just looked at it and said yeah pretty and that was it! She was really tired!

Today Lauren got a new book in the mail and Allison was awake so we all had storytime. Allison loved it! She just smiled the whole time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mixture of things

Today Lauren and I put up the ornaments on the christmas tree. I put most of them up while she was at school and she put hers up when she got home. Allison must be going through a growth spurt because she has been eating like every hour today! The first pic Allison was awake she is starting to be awake more and I am trying to come up with things to entertain her. She likes laying down and just moving her arms and legs and watching Lauren!! I have just about decided that Allison does not like baby music. She does like dance/techno though! She is more of a constant noise soother than different music. At least that is where she is at right now.

Here are the Girls with their Hallmark ornaments. A tradition my family did and one I want to do with mine. Lauren was so excited to get her Tinkerbell ornament! Allison not so much! She just wanted her bottle! Not sure why their eyes came out red but I am tired and dont want to fix it right now. I must have my camera on a funky setting.

Allison has found her hands and thumb and been enjoying them!

Here are Lauren's Christmas pics. I am not sure if I will do anymore or not. I would like to get some with both of them but we will see how it works out.