Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally the pics

A few pics from yesterday

I am trying to get some good pics of Lauren in a tutu so I can do something to put in my sister in laws dance studio. I am going to be doing their studio pics and I want people to know who I am before I just show up there. Lauren wasnt exactly the most cooperative child yesterday! I am going to do some more photoshop work on them at some point to see if I can't come up with something. I did get just some really cute one just for me though!!

Ok so I will upload when blogger lets me. For some reason it wont work right now. So I will tell you what happened at the park today. I took Lauren b/c we didnt do anything yesterday and I feel bad when I don't get her out to play and be around some kids something! So we go to the park and there were mostly big boys there. Way too old to be playing on the stuff there. I didn't let her play on the stuff they were on which of course is what she wanted to play on. Finally they went under a tree so I let her play on it. These two little girls were sitting on the steps so she sat down beside them being friendly and they just ignorged her! My heart was breaking! So she decided she would slide but by then the big boys were back trying to walk up the slide! They at least moved when there caregiver told them to. Lauren slide down and said bye bye to me. I was so sad for her! I told her sometimes big kids can be mean and she said yeah big kid with this sad look on her face. I think I made her feel better though. We went to Chickfala and ate and well she mostly had ice cream to eat!!! lol!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Party girl!!

We went to a wedding Friday night and Lauren had a blast! During the ceremony she was entertained by the rose petals the wind was blowing towards her. She had to pick them all up and sit them on a chair in front of her. Then the reception started and she saw the cake!!! OH MY she wanted some of that cake so bad! Bad enough to go with one of Jon's buddy's because she thought he was going to get her some!! We had to leave before she got a piece of cake but I did have cupcakes at home!! She got out there and danced with Jon's buddy and Jon. She really enjoyed herself!

OH guess what else my child did! I had painted her fingernails and toenails and she knew where I put it when we were done. Well she decided she wanted to give it a try herself!!! YES she ruined a dress! A brand new dress at that! From the rate she is going with ruining clothes it is a good thing she has so many clothes! I am the type of person if it has a stain on it then it won't be worn again! This girl is getting really hard on clothes!! Thank goodness for Oxyclean!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A perfectionist on our hands??

Lauren is so funny how she has to have things just right! We were coloring early today and she wanted to put up the colors well I just dropped them in the box and she said NO NO NO and took them back out and had to have them with the tip going up and just perfect! lol! She does this alot with her things but it just hit me that it really does bother her not to have things just so so! While we were coloring I was having her color a circle or a foot something like that and as long as she is holding the color the correct way she does great and is almost all in the lines!!! Then she changes the way she holds the color and it is everywhere but she is trying to keep it in the lines!!

We went shopping this morning and she was walking and I was holding her hand and she kept telling me come on come on whenever I would stop to look at something!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She sprayed me!!

Yesterday we were outside looking at my newly growing flowers and the water hose was left on. Lauren was playing with it but I didnt think anything of it b/c it wasn't suppossed to be on! Well it was on and she sprayed me!!! I was soaked and she just laughed and laughed!!!

Jon and I got Lauren these heavy duty cardboard blocks they look like colored bricks sort of. Well she loves them! So Sunday we spent an hour of building a fort around her and her knocking it down!! It was so much fun!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So this is what is going to be like....

Jon was home early today and with this great weather we have of course I wanted to get out and take some pics! I need to get serious and practice practice practice! So if you want some pics LET ME KNOW!! Anyway so I talked Jon into getting all dressed up and Lauren was looking as cute as always so off to the park we go! Well the two year attitude came out full force and she did not want to do anything I actually wanted her to do. Trying to bride this child just simply doesnt work...yet anyways!! lol! So not only am I dealing with a child who almost refuses to look at me then I have to deal with a husband that won't look at me either!!!! I told him only a half a dozen times to look at me and smile!! I didn't get much!! lol! You know only like 4 photos out of 110! I will be posting them tomorrow or so. I am actually hoping to get a good night sleep tonight!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day wknd

On Saturday we went down to my parents house and I got a few pics of Lauren playing. Yesterday we went to Jon's family for dinner and I forgot my camera! We did get a few pics with their camera though. I think Jon and Lauren had a great wknd! Friday night she stayed with my parents and they went to the Farmfest and rode some rides and got a sparkly bataan!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My sunflowers...

Here are my sunflowers, zinnas, and mexican sunflowers I planted in early May. As you can see they are HUGE already! I took the last pics Friday and I tell you they grow an inch a day! I wasnt expecting it to be so much!! I have decided I like messing with it all! Now if I can keep the dogs OUT of them I will be good! I can't wait till they actually bloom out!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My new favorite dress!!

I sponge rolled Lauren's hair this morning and I put her new dress on her and so I had to get some pics!! She is just so darn cute!!!