Monday, March 30, 2009

Just random stuff

Lauren just out of the blue yesterday said she wanted me to open the door her baby sister was at the door!? I asked her do you think Mommy is having a girl and she said yes. I said well what should we name her and then she says little boy!!! lol!! I explained that wasnt a name and she said well I want a baby sister!

This morning she would not eat her breakfast so I said I was not going to turn on the tv until she started eating. She sat and pouted and then got up and started playing and told me she wasnt mad at me anymore!!!!!!!

I know now why they say age 3 is worse than 2! They can talk about now!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4-wheelin fun!

I cant believe I almost forgot to post these! Lauren LOVED driving this!! She did good on the other 4-wheeler also. She still has some issues with steering but she will get it soon enough! This think can go pretty fast too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ice cream cupcakes!

I have been wanting to make these for so long! I had them once when I was in Jr HS!! Loved them then and just sort of forgot about them. So when Lauren started talking about wanting pink ice cream and cupcakes I said well sure we can do that!!! She LOVES them of course!

Another lil one on the way for us!

Jon and I went to the doctor yesterday and they confirmed that all is well with the new baby! We were able to see and hear the heartbeat from the ultrasound. It brought tears to my eyes to hear that heartbeat!!!!! It was beating at 178bpm which is GREAT! We got a few ultrasound pics but I tell you I cant tell anything from it!! My due date is Oct 28th! We are praying that this little one keeps on growing and stays in there the full 9 months!!! And of course is super healthy!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lauren's easter storyboard

We did our Easter pics today! Here is a storyboard I made. I think if you click the pic it takes you to my flickr site and all the photos are on there!!

For some reason my blog isnt showing you all of the storyboard. So just click on it and you can see it better!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

What a nice busy tiring day!!

This morning it went from not going to do much of anything to busy busy busy! Jon called and asked if we wanted to meet him for pizza and of course that was a yes! Turns out he came home and his work was so slow they called him and asked if he wanted to take the day off!! So we went and had pizza. Went to the park and played and walked around. Came home and played and Lauren got covered in dirt! She helped Jon clean the dirt bike and did a really good job! I was able to get all the clothes ready for the consignment sale coming up next week. I even got the house cleaned somewhat! Then Lauren wanted to finger paint so once again she was covered head to toe with dirt and paint!! After a bath I think the both of us are ready for bed right now!!! lol!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just being silly!

Picture 025, originally uploaded by Kelly Ketchum Photography.

I took this Saturday while getting ready for my photo shoot.

Thank you Crayola!

Thank you Crayola company for making the awesome color wonder products! Not only can Lauren finger paint inside now but also carry around markers and NOT make a mess in my house!!! I actually bought the water color one by accident but since the color doesnt appear right away it slows Lauren down and she stayed in the lines!! She did a great job! We spent hours yesterday playing with it. Although I wasnt expecting her to use almost all of the finger paint yesterday!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can do it all by myself!

That is what Lauren says now to almost everything! You try to help her and oh no I can do it all by myself!

She has been putting her baby dolls down for a nap lately. This actually consits of her feeding them, rocking them, putting them in her bed covering them up, closing the blinds, and closing her door!!! Then she comes in here and sighs and says I have my baby down for a nap. Then all of sudden she says OH NO my baby is crying! She runs in there then comes back in the living room and says all better!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

8" of SNOW!!!!

These first few pics are from yesterday around 4:00 I think it was. It was like the whole way home. You could not see in front of you!

Then this morning we find 8" of snow!!! Lauren had a hard time walking around in it!! lol!

See our new table and chairs! Well new to us anyway! We still have to paint them to look better.

Jon measuring the snow.

Look at where it hits her! I dont think I have ever seen this much snow!