Monday, September 12, 2011

Just getting into a routine...

We are still trying to get into a routine with Lauren going to school. She is doing great with learning to read! She brings home these little print out books and she can read them! She is learning so much so fast. She got in trouble one day for kicking a boy who she said kicked her first! We also found out yesterday that her and another little girl were somewhere they shouldnt have been and saw a poison sign but Lauren knew what it meant.  We still haven't gotten the entire story on that yet! She is really bad about not giving the whole story at one time.  She just gives bits and pieces. She also tells a whole lot more to someone else than me and Jon!

Allison is trying more to say words now that Lauren isnt here to answer for her all the time. She loves having the house to herself to play and not be bothered. Allison loves to her sparkly well anything! I really think she will be the more girly girl of them! We were looking at a costume magazine the other day and all she picked out were first the sparkly shoes and then the pretty dresses!

We went to the Delta Fair last weekend and Lauren enjoyed some of the rides. She tried to slide head first down a slide but the people stopped her before she did that. It is amazing how both Girls are not scared of anything! We celebrated Jon's birthday also.

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