Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pretty smart!

My Girls amaze me everyday at what they can do! Allison is playing right now with a tin that is heart shaped.  She throws it me to when she gets it put on to take it off again so she can put it back together again! I showed her how to draw on the magna doodle board and she loves that as well now! She just continues to do things that I think she isnt old enough for but yet she does them!

Apple picking pics...well some of them!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bartlett Festival

We took the Girls to the Bartlett Festival this past saturday.  We met Mimi, Pawpaw, and Uncle Jeff up there which worked out great since Lauren wanted to ride the rides and play more and Jon had enough on his ankle and Allison was ready to get out and play.

Lauren playing with the animals.

She is holding a pig here!

I think she was scared when she got on the pony at first.

Getting her face painted

Isnt it pretty!

Walking around while she eats lunch.  She ate almost a whole corn dog!

Lauren about to slide down the slide

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Necklaces and purses and a super cute outfit!

Allison wearing her necklaces which she must have on all the time and she has decided that carrying a purse around is fun too!

This one is of Lauren wearing the same outfit when she was 15 months old!!

playing outside and training wheels?

We always go outside and play after dinner so this was wed night.  This was the first time Allison sat on the picnic table.  She really thought she was a big girl sitting there! And notice the necklaces of course!

Lauren joker kool aid face! We get in the tub afterwards so they are both messy!

Yesterday Lauren decided she wanted to try riding her bike without her training wheels.  So she made one trip down and we both thought to get her helmet and pads on.  Funny Jon and I didnt have  that luxury! It didnt go great but that is to be expected.  It will be some time before she is ready to take them off for good.  As Jon was putting them back on the bike he realized that it has adjustments to gradually move up to taking them off so we are going to try that next time.

Sure makes me sad to think my big girl is going to be riding her bike without training wheels soon and my baby going to be one next month. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

11 months today!

Allison is 11 months old today! Time sure has went by fast! She is ALL over the place walking now! I think she is going to be the one that gives me more trouble with clothes and things like that.  She already when I go to brush her hair gets mad at me for not handing the brush to her first.  She has to have her necklaces on ALL the time!! She will let you know exactly what she wants and doesnt want.  I am still her favorite!! Which is just fine with me.  I know this cuddly stage is almost over so I will take all I can get!! She still loves to eat and is getting a new tooth seems like every other day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Allison has decided she LOVES necklaces! She will get Lauren's play necklaces and put them on.  In fact the last two days she will not take them off without a fight! Looks like I need to get a few just for Allison! You can just tell she thinks she is so pretty with them on!

She has also decided today that walking is better.  More and more she is taking steps and we went half way around the house with just her holding my hand and she loved it! She will take a few steps and clap and laugh!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Catch up post

These pictures are out of order somewhat. Here is Jon with his cake.  It was a picture of him on his old motorcyle.  I guess this was two wks ago now when I took the girls to the park to play. Last sunday nana and pops came over and took the grandkids to the delta fair.  Lauren was wore out and said she had fun! The girl loves to ride rides! Of course came home with some cotton candy also!Just sticking her tongue out.  I think it is b/c she has now two more teeth on the bottom!
Lauren had been saying since last week she didnt want to go to dance anymore.  Finally as I was about to take her in yesterday to dance she tells me it is bc she got in trouble two wks ago for blowing bubbles and the teacher made her turn around in class.  So we are going to stick it out for now! I just hope she really does enjoy it. 
I had to take Alli to the doctor yesterday bc I was afraid she was getting a sinus infection like I have but she is ok.  Just the tail end of a cold.  She weighs 19lbs and 28" long.  I asked her twice today if she wanted something and she told me yeah! I was like what did you just say and she just smiled! She kept saying kitty cat yesterday.  At least that is what it sounded like but there was no kitty cat around! She is taking a few steps here and there but she just hasnt gotten enough confidence to take off yet.  I am sure it wont be long!