Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter egg hunt, coloring eggs, and strawberries! First t-ball practice

On Saturday my Mom came over and we took the Girls to an Easter egg hunt at a local church.  It was FREEZING cold! We only stayed 30 mins and that was just long enough for the Girls to get their eggs and walk back to the car.  That was how many people were there! It would have been so much fun if the weather would have been nice. Both Girls are sick so it wasnt the best idea of going but at least Allison loved having her first easter egg hunt! She just sat right down and starting putting eggs into her basket! I got some pics but not very good ones since it was so cold and the camera was taking too long to take the shots.  I didnt want to bring the big camera. It was a good thing because I was carrying Allison the entire time. Part of that was because she was keeping me warm! My Mom took Lauren to her age group to get eggs. 

Lauren had her first t-ball practice on saturday.  It was so windy and cold but we had 7 out of the 10 show.  Jon is helping coach the team and he was working but was able to come to the practice and help.  Lauren did really good! She really liked it she said! She caught a ball and was so excited! There are 4 girls on the team.

On Sunday the weather was great! So when Jon got home from work Lauren and him colored the eggs. Allison was sleeping and since she was sick and I wasnt going to let her dip an egg anyway it all worked out.  Lauren did so good this year coloring the eggs! We did lose two before they were colored but that is ok. 

Today I had to take Allison to the doctor. She has ear infection and lots of snot that is green on and off.  They gave some antibotics so I hope she feels better tomorrow. This afternoon Lauren and me went to pick strawberries! It was fun! The owners granddaughters were there so Lauren played with them as they picked the strawberries.  They sure taste great!! We got home and Lauren ate and ate the strawberries! Allison had several when she got up from her nap. 

Here is the pics.

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