Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lauren turns 6!!!

Lauren had a huge birthday this year! Just sort of worked out that way. It started on last Friday when she took her classmates pink cookies for her birthday. They also sang to her and she had a princess birthday crown to wear. Then on Saturday her actual birthday we got up and went to her soccer game and they won!! Then the family came back to the house for pizza and chocolate fountain! She got a big girl bike from Mimi and Pawpaw! Lauren also got a magic kit from Nana and Pops! And lots of other good stuff! Then we went to Rivercity Gymnastics and she had her party with her friends. They all had a such a great time! We came home and left Sunday morning for St. Louis!! We made a stop at Lambert's for lunch and the girls thought it was great they would throw the rolls. Then we got checked in the hotel and went swimming. It was an indoor pool so that was nice. What was not so nice was the fact there was tile all around the pool and it was VERY slippery! The girls both fell! We went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory that evening and it was so pretty in there! The dessert was so good! Then on Monday we were up bright and early to go to the American Girl Store!! It was awesome seeing their faces light up seeing it all! They both picked out their dolls and we all walked around the store and they picked out several things. We had made reservations to eat at the Bistro there. We told them it was for Lauren's birthday so they put us in the party room and Lauren got to sit on the princess throne! Her doll got to wear a party hat to! It was just so adorable! They have not forgotten any details on that store! That afternoon we all went to the Arch. It was very freaky riding up to the top and back down. It is not something I would want to do again! Then on Tuesday we went to the zoo and it was great! It was amazing to be so close to the animals. The weather the entire time we were there could not have been better! After we left the zoo we went to the City museum and it was so cool! The kids really enjoyed it. On Wednesday we went to Grant's Farm. The girls got to feed bottles to baby goats! It was so cute! Then we headed home. It was a great trip!