Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last of swimming lessons and our helper at it again!

Yesterday I took Lauren to a pool with a friend of mine and her little boy. It was alot of fun. Lauren will "jump" off the side of the pool which is more like a step off! She was kicking really good.

Jon and her finished up swim lessons this morning! She got a little certificate of completion and a sucker!!! Which I never let her have but of course Daddy let her have it and OMG did she love it he said!! I have a fear of her chocking so I have never given her one but he said she did great with it! I have a feeling that was NOT her first sucker!!! Jon said the coach had them playing ring around the rosey in the water today! I am glad we took the classes she is still somewhat unsure of getting in the water at first so I guess it will just take some time for her to get more comfortable with it all.

This morning Jon came and told me that now Lauren is making him look bad!! It is an on going battle in our house when Jon takes the trash out he NEVER puts the bag back in it well he did it again today but Lauren was watching him and by the time Jon came in from throwing the garbage away she had gotten into the cabinet which does have a child lock on it??!! And got out a trash bag and was putting it in the trash can!!!! LOL!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Took a trip to the Children's Museum

I took Lauren to the chilren's museum today we went with Kelly, Alana, and Zoey and the girls had such a good time! Last year Lauren loved the little disco part they have there but this year not so much! It was like she got shy when we walked in the door!! She wasnt so much on getting on stage and dressing up either. That was Alana most favorite thing to do!! Lauren played with play-doh for the first time but she didn't much care for it. She did try to eat it! That place has so much to do they had a really good time! I didn't take my camera today. I just wanted to be able to play with Lauren and not mess with the camera. I did take one with my camera phone but well it looks terrible and I have no idea how to get it on my computer!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a cute one I got today!

It was dry enough for us to play outside today so I was practicing with my camera and got this shot. She looked so cute in her outfit with her rainboots! She played peek a boo with Cassius and Sebastian! It was so cute! We got a few new books today at the library and one is a see and find book and she did awesome! She knew more things than I thought she did!! When she woke up from her nap this afternoon she had pulled the blinds up and I walked in and she pointed to them and said blinds!! Now if I can just get her to say her name!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a few quick pics before gymnastics!

I had to get Lauren a cute little outfit for gymnastics! There was only her and another little girl that didn't have an outfit on so of course she needed one!! She did REALLY good today! She did a backward flip on the bars!! She loved that! She likes the bars the most but it isnt b/c of the bars really. It is b/c the bars means that she can jump in the castle they have! lol! She did the balance beam all by herself today! She is getting used to it all now and she knows what to do but she still wants my help on it all.

One Mom told me today that Lauren was so nice and sweet and she wished she would teach her little girl how to be nice!!! lol!!

Enjoying her swimming pool and the rain!

We actually blew up Lauren's swimming pool on Saturday and she played in it for a long time that evening. We went out there yesterday so she could play in it and would you know it the thing already had a hole in it! I am afraid it won't make it all summer long! She got in for a little bit yesterday but she was more interested in filling up her bucket and carrying down to the dogs and letting them drink it!! And not too long after all this it came a really big rain so we put her in her boots and raincoat and let her play in it for a few minutes. She liked jumping in the puddles!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our first trip to the water park this year!

Today we took Lauren to the water park in Collierville for the first time this season. We were only able to go once last year b/c we didn't find it in time before the season ended. She really enjoyed it today. She found one squirt thing and she likes that the most. Problem was if any kid came near her she started screaming MINE MINE! So Jon tried to explain the whole sharing thing to her. There were of course tears!! lol! She was a Daddy's girl today for sure!! I think next time we go I am going to make sure a few of her friends are there and I think she would have even more fun that way.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lauren's first trip to the library!!

We went to the library today so Lauren could pick out some new books for us to read. She loved it! She just kept saying BOOKS!! BOOKS!! lol!! She kept pulling more books out of the shelves but at least she would put most of them back up.

She just looked so cute in her dress and crown so I had to get some pics before we left the house!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sprinkler time!!

I got the sprinkler out yesterday for Lauren to play with. She got a ladybug one for her birthday. She really had a good time! She figured out how to turn the water hose on and off!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My child is just amazing!!

Today we had gymnastics her first "real" class that we paid for!! And she did GREAT!!! Waited her turn, stood in line, didnt run off and she LOVES the foam pit with the rope! She would swing out and drop off!! She also LOVES the parachut thing. They had each little girl sit in the middle for a turn and we would shake the parachut thing and OMG you would have thought Lauren did it every day!!! She went right to the spot and laughed the entire time! She just didn't want to get up so another person could have their turn!!

Then at Walmart she saw the popsicles and had to have one! So when we got home she went to the fridge opened the freezer and waited for me and I told her to eat it only in the kitchen well she did!! Didn't even try to walk out once!!! Then I had the empty clothes basket in the kitchen to put up so I asked her to put it in mommy and daddy's room well off she went. She was gone for awhile so I went to see what she was doing. I met her at the bedroom door! She had taken the basket and opened the closet and got the dirty clothes off the floor and put them in the basket and was bringing them to me!!!! She is sooo smart and so helpful!!! lol!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Video of Lauren saying peek a boo and dancing

I just think it is the cutest thing when she says peek a boo!!! She is a mess!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Video of Lauren in her grass skirt


That is what Lauren told me today! I wanted her to come show Jon her tutu she had on and she said "I BUSY"!!!! I said what! and I went in to see what she was doing and she turned around and said I busy! That is the last picture! She was just too busy playing to do anything else!

Just swinging today!
Maybe she will like photography as much as I do!!!

Just planting some flowers!

Lauren and I planted some sunflowers and two other kinds of flowers this morning. I would have loved to have gotten pics of her putting the seed in and burying it back but i was digging holes and there was no way I was going to get my camera dirty!! lol! She really enjoyed planting them. I sure hope they grow! It will be really pretty if the come up. I will do some more tomorrow. I still have to get some top soil for the other side of the flower bed. Maybe I will be able to snap a few pics of Lauren tomorrow doing those. Her favorite for sure was watering them!!! Of course this ended up in her being soaked!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Swimming lesson pics

Today Lauren had another swim lesson. She still isnt crazy about the water and getting in it! There was some crying but she did do some kicking so that is good. She mostly just wanted to hang onto Jon!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just something about this backpack!

Lauren has her favorite blanket and has to have it with her all the time. She has decided she needs her backpack all the time also!! She sleeps with the thing! She will put all sorts of little things in it and play with them from time to time.

Thought I would share these pics I took today. Notice the backpack is on her 4-wheeler!! lol! The last picture she had to have all of the balls she owns in the wagon. Let me tell you it took some time to get them all in there and her too! One kept falling out!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally found the right class!

We have had 3 trial classes at gymnastics! Today we finally found the right one for us! Lauren had a really good time and she is actually getting the hang of it!! I only had to chase her down once!! And she made friends with all the other little girls and even gave one a hug and a kiss! My only worry is the coach is new and I had to ask her a few times on what the heck I was to be doing in order to help Lauren learn!! I guess it will come to the both of us soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

It was a really nice weekend. Lauren and Jon got me some flowers and cards. What was cute was Jon said well I wanted to bring them in this was Saturday night b/c I didn't want them to die outside. Well I said I hope I don't kill them right away. He smiles and says well you won't have to worry about that. He bought fake flowers!! What is bad is he didn't mean to! He didnt realize they were fake until he had already bought them. LOL!! That is my husband for you!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The little artist!

Lauren got some fingerpaints for her birthday so we tried them out on Monday. Here are some pics of her making a masterpiece!!