Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jon has found a riding buddy!

Jon came home early enough tonight to go ride his mountain bike so he get all ready. He put his water pack on and his helmet. Lauren saw him getting ready she had to have her backpack on and kept saying bike ride! The last time Jon went without her she cried for like 10 mins! She just wanted to spend some time with her Daddy! So she is all ready to go and he thought she would just go to the end of the driveway and want to get off the bike. But NOPE! Lauren was pedaling that tricyle so good! They went all around the corner up the school and it is a good way around there! She got a good laugh at Jon b/c he crashed (imagine that!) and she thought it was the so funny! She told me about it when they got home! Jon normally rides in the woods but Lauren is far from ready to ride there!!

This morning we went to the Children's Museum and met my cousin Melissa and her kids David, Gregory, and Abigail. They all had so much fun! I thought for sure that Lauren would be ready for a nap but we are going on day two of no nap. She did sleep for like 15 mins on the way home but I dont call that a nap! This child is wearing me out!!!!

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