Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just a quick photoshoot we did

I put this one in here to show how long her hair is getting in the back! I am just waiting on the sides to catch up!!

I had to run an errand by this place so I figured I would take advantage of it and get some pics of Lauren. The place was packed with other folks having the same idea! A few came out cute! She wasn't really in the mood for them.

Yesterday after lunch I knew I started feeling bad and when Lauren woke up from her nap crying (she never does this) I knew she felt bad too! :( So we have colds! I hope it says just a cold! Due to this we weren't able to go to her last day of gymnastics. Next week the gym is closed for camp! Sure wish they wouldn't charge for days THEY arent open! Anyway! I decided we would stop the gymnastics until she says she wants to do them. She enjoyed it when she wanted to do it. Then the rest of the time she cried! Oh well she may want to do dance or something else anyway! I just want her to have the opportunity to do anything she wants to do!

With it being so darn hot outside Lauren and I gave the boys (the big dogs outside) a bath to come inside. They are lovin it! Lauren is having a good time with them also. She rode Cassius around like a horse yesterday. Thankgoodness our animals are very patience with her! This morning she comes in the room all stuffed up and says "Momma where Casshy and Bastin." When I tell her outside she proceeds to go get her rainboots on and try to go get them!!! lol!
Oh the other day Lauren was playing with her little pull along dog and she named it puppy she said "puppy crying" so I said well huge him so she did. then she said "puppy hungry" Well I said you should feed him then. NOT thinking she would do what she did! She goes into the kichen where Jasmine's food and water is and started to FEED this toy!! lol! Then it needed water apparently but instead of just letting the toy drink it she dumped it on it!!!!

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