Sunday, August 3, 2008

She is becoming a big girl!!

Yesterday we had cleaned out her booster seat and I moved it down to the lowest level because she was hitting her legs on the table and getting stuck. We decided this morning it is time to put it up. She would rather sit in the chair itself and she is plenty tall enough for it!!! When we go out to eat she just sits in a regular chair also. Now the only thing left to do is potty train! Which we will start after we get back from vacation!! It is just wild at how much things have changed in her in the last two years! I am glad she can do and wants to do things on her own just as long as she still wants to climb up in my lap and cuddle!!!!

Lauren is saying alot of sentences now also. It just amazes me the things that come out of her mouth sometimes!! I can ask her to help me clean up and she does! She goes around clean up clean up! Which is a Barney song.

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