Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ever wonder what it is like to wake up to a 2yr old?

Well let me tell you what it is like! Lauren gets out of her bed doesnt make a sound opens her door comes to mine and opens my door. This is when I finally here her lately! So she walks in the room and climbs up on the bed and says mommy! Then she says eyes b/c my eyes are closed and tries to open my eyes!! lol! Then she says are you sleepy mommy! First full sentence too might I add! And then for the next few minutes it is alot of giggling! It is just so much fun! How can you not wake up with a smile every morning being woke up by that!!

Jon and I got Lauren a water table on saturday since it was on sale. She wanted it set up this morning so we did it inside without the water of course. Well she loved it! She of course crawled in the table!! Then she said she wanted some water so we put it outside since it was so nice this morning. Within minutes I was SOAKED! She thought it was so funny! She had a lot of fun with it today. We were outside till noon! I didnt take any pics b/c well if I would have my camera would have been ruined b/c she did LOTS of splashing!!!

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