Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Lauren has this new thing right now. You can ask her a question and she will answer with "fine" and do this flip with her wrist! It is so funny to watch her do it! Who knows where it came from!! We were all doing puzzles and everytime we would ask her what the animal was she would just aswer with "fine" and the flip of the wrist!! lol!

We went to gymnastics this week and she had a great time again! Maybe she just needed a break from it. So maybe it will work out and she will keep going!!

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Lisa said...

haha that is so funny, Bella does this same thing. She will say it so firmly and sassy, it is all I can do not to crack up. It's either "Fine!" or rolling the eyes with "Wellllll" sooo sassy! lol This is a great age. haha