Saturday, July 19, 2008

We have an early bird and a night owl on our hands!

Lauren stayed up late on Friday night and then finally went to sleep then she woke us up at 6:30 this morning! She came into our bedroom with her sunglasses on!! All excited saying Momma! We tried to get her to go back to bed but that just wasnt happening! So she gets me out of bed b/c she said "I hungry, cereal momma" so she knew I would get up and fix it for her! But she really wasnt wanting to eat just wanted to get me out of bed to guess what play with her house!!! So we got ready and went for a shopping day with Mimi (Jon's Mom). We found some super cute things!! We had a good day! We forgot a stroller but Lauren still did very well. Later Jon and I headed over to a friend of his and had dinner. They also have a son who is 9 and oh my Lauren had a ball! We went all redneck and she played in the sprinkler with just her diaper on! She had so much fun so it was worth it! We thought for sure she would fall asleep as soon as we were in the car but NOPE! I don't know where all her engery comes from!! It was a fun day for everyone!!

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