Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July wknd

This past wknd we went to my parents lake house.

This is a picture of some of the tornado damage the area got in some storms that came earlier this year. This bay is a place we always go and play in.
Jon actually got up on the wake board! He was so proud! Too bad he is feeling it now!!

Here is a shot of the fireworks Friday night. We drove in the boat over to see them. It is set to music. Lauren didn't go it was way too late! Notice the reflection of the water! I got bored with them so I didn't take any pics of the big finale they had.

Just enjoying some swimming! This girl LOVES the water!!!
Oh and you can't miss my sexy hubby posing for me!
YES! My child WANTED to get on this thing! She had a fit she wanted to ride it so bad! So I said ok and do you know Jon said she was bored unless they went over some waves! Uncle Scott was driving the boat and he said he went faster with her than any of the other kids! Jon thought she was going to fall asleep on it! The other thing that Lauren loved to do was drive the boat!

This is how we got back and worth to the boat. Worked out great! Also was great to entertain the kids!

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