Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lauren's new favorite toy!

This is the dollhouse Nanny (my Mom) got Lauren on Wed. I opened it up for her after her nap and she hasn't stopped playing with it yet! It is the Fisherprice first doll house. You can add things to it. It is so cute! I haven't had a chance to get any pics of her with it b/c I am not allowed to move from the floor! She insits I play with her!! So last night bedtime came along and she cried for an hour. The first two times I went in there she didn't say anything about the house. The last time I went in there I asked her what was wrong. She cried my house!!!! So she had to have it in there with her. She woke up early this morning and went to Jon and said house get! She wanted her house in the living room to play then. So if I leave her for a second she chases me down and says "play me play me" which means play with me!! She loves this dollhouse! I did break her away for a few minutes to make blueberry cobbler with me. She liked pouring the stuff into the bowl!

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