Sunday, March 7, 2010

A trip to Shelby Farms

Today it was so nice and Jon was off work so we decided to take the girls to shelby farms to "fish" and play.  So Lauren threw her fishing pole out several times and was ready to do something different.  We got back in the truck to go to a different part of the park and Allison started crying and didn't stop until we got home! So the trip was cut short to say the least! On friday we tried to have lunch together with the girls and well that wont happen again anytime soon either! Allison wanted a bottle and after she ate she didnt want to sit in her bumbo seat so I didnt get to really eat.  Lauren was in a mood so it just wasnt any fun! It can be so hectic with two kids! The red spot is really noticable in the pics.  The is the first time I have taken outdoor pics of her really.  Not sure if it was b/c she was hot or what.  Wonder if it will go away soon.  the doctor said it would...Dont they look happy!This is just so sweet to me.  Yep those fingers are yummy! Wonder which tooth will be next!

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