Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Allison LOVES her feet! Everytime I change her diaper or her clothes she tries to put them in her mouth.  She grabs one leg with one arm and the other arm has ahold of her toes and she tries so hard to get it to her mouth! It wont reach so I am watching her and I can't help but start laughing and she looks up at me and realizes I am watching her and she starts laughing! It is just precious! Alli has gotten sooo vocal lately.  I don't mean crying, she is "talking" it just sounds like a whine or a scream.  It is sooo loud! I can talk to her and will get to "talking" back to me and her facial expressions are just priceless!

I started feeding her 3 times a day with the baby food and it is helping with her night time scream sessions.  I still can't believe she is eating this much but she is growing so fast!

If Alli is sitting up in her highchair or on the bobby pillow she will basically sit up all by herself.  I will be making her food and turn around and she is leaning forward in her highchair.  I dont think it will be too much longer and she will be sitting up on her own all together. 

Lauren is so excited about Easter.  I got the Easter eggs down for her and Jon hide them today.  Before she asked him to hide them she told us she was going to go hide them and find them herself.  She didnt get that wasnt going to work at first! It ended with her screaming at Jon to find the last egg b/c she was frustrated she couldnt find it herself.  She didnt think to look up and not just on the ground.  I have a feeling she is going to want to hide eggs everyday until Easter!!

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