Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hungry Girl! And watching some old videos!

I can not get over how much Allison LOVES to eat! Tonight for dinner she had a whole jar of carrots and a half of a jar of pears! The only reason she didnt eat more is b/c I stopped feeding it to her! I thought surely she is full! She is eating breakfast and dinner with purees and then still going strong with her formula! I think I might need to feed her some food at lunch also.  It is so weird having a baby that wants to eat! Lauren even as a baby wasnt a good eater!

The other day I got down my old dance videos for Lauren to watch since she will be taking dance this summer.  She asked which one I was and I showed her.  Then she asks where am I? I said you werent born yet.  She said oh well was Daddy in the audience watching you??!!! I said no and she asked why! I love how she thinks Jon and I have been together forever. 

I tried to get some pics of the Girls today and I was able to get one fairly good shot before Alli had a melt down! The Girl does not like pictures! She has to get out of that!!!

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